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Self-directed learning support through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Lumos Guided Practice in the Lumos StepUp student portal is an intelligent AI-powered conversational system. It helps students practice English Language Arts(ELA) and Math critical standards. It is an empathetic learning support that nurtures every student irrespective of their proficiency levels.

Like a teacher, it carefully learns from the student proficiency data and simplifies the learning process. Guided practice helps each student learn by offering hints and instruction to solve questions step-by-step. It also recommends additional practice that is precisely tailored to the student’s unique needs. This innovative tool provides interactive voice and visual aid to motivate and engage learners.

Self-Paced Individualized Practice for Each Student

Anytime anywhere learning assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence

Offers personalized guided practice with step-by-step instruction

Supports textual & verbal inputs during learning sessions

Provides individually tailored precise practice to support each student

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