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    What is Our Blue Earth?

    What is Our Blue Earth?

    Many scientists call the earth the Blue Earth. Why is this?

    Look at a globe or map of the world. See all the blue. The blue shows what part of the earth is water.The green shows what part of the earth is land.

    Think about it. Is the earth more greenish for land or blue for water?

    The earth is bluer.

    The earth is made up mostly of water.

    Water can be found in the oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, creeks, and ponds. It can be in other places, too.

    You can find water in both solid and liquid forms on the earth.

    Why can it be in both forms?

    Climate is not the same everywhere on the earth. Weather changes it. That is why some water is a solid and some is liquid. Water can be found as a solid in ice glaciers where it is always cold and below freezing.In warmer areas, water exists as a liquid.

    About 72% of the earth is covered in water. Most of this water is found in the oceans. Animal and plant life can live in it. You cannot drink salt water from the oceans.

    Fresh water can be found in rivers, streams, lakes, creeks and pond. You cannot drink all water because it may not be clean. Aquifers are clean water streams found underground.

    Water is found in the air, ground, and in animals. It is even in you. You need water to live.

    Our Blue Earth is made up of mainly water that can be found in many places and in the form of liquid or solid.

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