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    About Owls

    Owls are beautiful! Let's look at their characteristics.

    Owls live in many places. Some live in rainforests, deserts, farms, marshes, woods, and on plains. Owls can be seen in other places, too. The Snowy Owl and Hark Owl can stay in very cold weather. They do not like the hot or wet weather.

    Owls can make very loud noises. People know that owls can "hoot". Owls can make different sounds. They can shriek, hoot, bark, and even grunt like a pig. If they are upset, the noise can sound like clicking and hissing. Get away if you hear this sound when you are near an owl.

    Most owls come out at night. They are nocturnal.

    Owls have good eyes and even better hearing. They do not have a sense of smell.

    Owls like to eat small prey. Owls fly then swoop down and pick their food up with their claws or beaks. They eat insects, snakes, mice, birds, squirrels, and rabbits depending on the kind of owl.

    People have owls for pets, too. It is not easy to have a pet owl. You would need to read up on where to find owls to buy, what to keep them in, how to feed them and train them.

    Owls are very interesting and beautiful birds.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....