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    Papa, Taylor, and Marie

    Every year Papa was happy when his granddaughters would come to visit him on the farm.

    The best time was when Papa took both Taylor and Marie to ride the horse, Pepper.

    Taylor was about 4 years old. Marie was 12.

    "Oh boy, Papa! I am wearing a cowboy hat!" She said.

    Papa said, "You look good in it."

    Marie chimed in, "Yep, you do!"

    Papa put the girls on the horse.

    Taylor turned to Marie.


    Marie replied, "Don't wiggle or we will fall off!"

    Taylor just smiled.

    Papa first walked the girls around leading Pepper.

    He wanted to be sure they were ok with riding by themselves.

    Marie told him to give her the reins and let go.

    He let go and the girls had a great ride!

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....