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    Sara Takes a Trip

    One day, Sara's dad said they were going on a trip to the beach. Sara was happy! She got her things to go. First, she found her bathing suit. She put it on. Then, she went to the bathroom and picked out her best beach towel. Sara put it in her beach bag along with her sunscreen. Her mother told her to hurry up, dad was ready. She didn't want to forget her sand shovel and tools to make a sand castle. She quickly added them to her bag. Sara hurried when she heard her dad start the van.

    It was a long drive to the beach. Dad played music on the radio. Mom sang along. Skip, their dog, even whined with the songs. Sara was smiling and having fun. At last, they were there. Dad said to help unload their van. Sara carefully took the picnic basket to the table Mom had found by the sand dunes.
    It was so nice and warm at the beach. Skip ran to the water and jumped in. Dad, Mom and Sara laughed. Mom and Sara got in the water, too. The waves felt funny hitting Sara. She and Mom smiled. Dad was fishing close by.

    After a bit, Mom said they needed to stop to eat lunch. They ate hot dogs and chips. Skip ate one, too. Then, they rested.

    Next, Sara and Dad made a sand castle. Skip laid down on it. That did not stop the fun.

    Dad said they could all go in one more time. Even Skip joined them. They jumped and swam in the ocean water for a long time. It was getting near dark. They had to leave to go home. Sara and Skip fell asleep on the way back. Everyone had a wonderful time at the beach!

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