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    Susan B.Anthony

    Susan B.Anthony was born in 1820. She was from a large Quaker family. Quakers are a kind of religious group that believes in rights for all. They lived on a farm. She had many brothers and sisters.

    Her farm was a meeting place for people against slavery. They believed in equal rights for all. The abolitionists such as Frederick Douglas came to the meetings.

    She started teaching at the age of 17.

    Susan B.Anthony started a movement to help women gain the right to vote. She spoke around the country for freedom for slaves and women's rights.

    She started the Women's Suffrage movement and an organization to help women.

    She did not believe that men should have the right to vote when women did not.

    After she died, the 19th Amendment was passed giving women the right to vote.

    Later in 1979, a silver dollar was made and distributed with her picture on it.

    She is well remembered for her work in civil rights.

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