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    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. He worked on ships as a teenager. Columbus was interested in exploring the world and studied geography.

    When he was about 35 he met the King and Queen of Spain. He told them he wanted to find a quicker way to the trade countries to get spices and gold. They gave him 3 ships and money. The names of the ships were the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

    Columbus hired many sailors to go with him. They sailed until they saw land. He thought he had gone around the world. He had not. In the New World, he found natives and traded with them.

    He sailed back to Spain. He brought back many things from the New World, including some of the natives. The king and queen were happy with his finds. Columbus sailed several more times.

    In the United States, we celebrate Columbus Day each year in October.

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