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    Do You Know Cats and Cat Facts?

    Do You Know Cats?

    Cats are very interesting! Many people have them as pets.

    Here are a few neat facts you might not know about cats.

    1. Cats like to sleep most of the time. (about 12 hours a day)

    2. They can jump up to 7x as long as they are.

    3. Their tongues are like sandpaper.

    4. Cats can make over 100 different kinds of noises.

    5. When they put their paws in and out, they are happy.

    6. A grown-up cat has 30 teeth.

    7. They can jump from high places and still be ok.

    8. They say hello to other cats by touching noses.

    9. They cannot see if it is totally dark.

    10. Cats can run very fast.

    11. Their sense of hearing is excellent.

    12. Calico cats are usually girl cats.

    13. Baby cats are called kittens, grown boy cats are called Toms, and grown girl cats can be called Queens.

    Cat Facts

    I read an article on important things we need to know about cats. Here are some of those things.

    1. Cats can be sad.

    2. Cats cannot see in the dark like some people think. They need to have a little bit of light to see.

    3. Cats can hear very well, but not as good as dogs.

    4. They have 20 bones in their tails.

    5. Cats say hi to each other by touching their noses to each other.

    6. Cats can be right or left handed. Most cats do use their right paw more.

    7. Cats that live with people usually live to be 12 yrs old.

    8. Cats take baths by licking themselves.

    9. Domestic cats (those that live with people) love to play.

    10. There are about 500 kinds of domestic cats.

    11. Kittens are born with blue eyes and then most change colors.

    12. Cats have 4 legs, 5 toes on each front paw, only 4 on back paws.

    13. They sleep most of the day.

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    Please record your audio and wait some time....