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    Chloe Finds A Baby Chick

    Chloe was staying at her Nana and Grandpa's house. She loved to help feed the animals. Nana and Grandpa had horses, and chickens.

    Every day, Grandpa would ask her to help him with the animals outside. He would feed the horses first. Then he would feed the chickens.

    Grandpa was a tall cowboy. He would whistle for the horses to come. The horses would run fast to the fence. Chloe helped him put the horse feed in the buckets and get the hose to fill up the water troughs. She really liked doing that.

    When it was time to feed the chickens, Grandpa first looked for eggs in the chicken coop. Then he would make a sound like chickens and put out their feed.

    This time, Chloe got to put out the feed. As she was doing that, she heard a "peep, peep, peep" sound. She was very excited. Chloe told her Grandpa, "Grandpa, do you hear that sound? Is it a baby chick?"

    Grandpa listened. He laughed and said, "Yes, Chloe. Now where is it? Let's look."

    They looked all around the pen.

    Just then, Chloe saw the little yellow chick in a corner of the pen. "Here, Grandpa, here it is!", she shouted.

    Grandpa came and slowly picked up the chick. Chloe thought it was so cute.

    Grandpa put it in a coop by one of the hens. Soon the hen snuggled the baby chick.

    Chloe was so happy! What fun it was to visit and be a help to her Grandpa.

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