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This page helps you become a fluent reader. Students can easily check their reading accuracy, speed and expression by reading Socks - By Bonnie McRae. The Lumos Reading Fluency analyzer automatically analyzes student read audio and provides insightful reports to help students become fluent readers. Try it now!

Tab1:- A) Record your audio.
B) Read Along
Tab2:-Reading proficiency reports will be shown after analysing your audio
Tab3:-Intensity and pitch graphs

    Socks - By Bonnie McRae

    His name is Socks.
    I think that rocks!
    He loves to climb,
    Or spin around on a dime!
    That's my Socks!

    Up the nearest tree,
    Look- the bird he can see!
    Then down to the ground,
    After the mouse he found!
    That's the way it's going to be!

    He's a happy cat!
    And you know very fat!
    Socks eats really a lot
    Of all the food I bought!
    But sleeps on a hat!

    Now how about all that?

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....