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    Javier and His Friends Fly a Kite

    Javier, Joseph, Wayne and Mike are good friends. They like playing baseball, fishing, hiking, and making model airplanes.

    One day the boys wanted to try something new. They had seen the huge kites being flown over the lake. None of them had ever flown a kite.

    Javier asked his dad what they needed to do to learn how to fly a kite. His dad told Javier they needed to start with learning how to fly small kites first.

    They all got their money together and went to the hobby store. Javier and Wayne wanted kites that had dragons on them. Joseph and Mike liked the ones with long tails. The boys agreed on a dragon kite with a long tail.

    Now to find the right spot to try it out. Another problem came up. Javier wanted to go to the lake and do it like they had seen the other kites being flown. Wayne said it was ok with him. It was ok with Joseph, too. Mike had a problem with the idea. He wanted to do it in a park. He said the kite might go into the lake and fall in the water.

    The boys talked about it. They made a list of things that could happen at the lake and things that could happen at the park.

    The list showed them that the park was the best place. They went to the park. Their dragon kite went up high with its tail flying. They were so happy.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....