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This page helps you become a fluent reader. Students can easily check their reading accuracy, speed and expression by reading Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography,1913. The Lumos Reading Fluency analyzer automatically analyzes student read audio and provides insightful reports to help students become fluent readers. Try it now!

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    Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography,1913

    I hold that a corporation does ill if it seeks profit in restricting production . . . or seeking to achieve monopoly by illegal . . . treatment of its competitors. . . . If, on the other hand, a corporation seeks profit solely by . .. treating the public . . . and its rivals fairly:then such a corporation is behaving well. It is an instrumentality of civilization operating to promote abundance by cheapening the cost of living so as to improve conditions everywhere throughout the whole community.

    -Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography,1913

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....