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    Organize a student notebook

    Read the following class discussion on organizing a student notebook and answer the questions. Then read the teacher's directions on how to organize a student notebook and answer the questions. Reread both selections to answer the contrast and comparison to answers.

    Mrs. Reed's class discussion on how to organize a notebook.

    Mrs. Reed: Class, now settle down. We are going to talk about how to organize our notebooks this year so everyone can find all of their materials when they need them. Let's get a volunteer to write down our notes. Sally, I see your hand up. You can volunteer.

    Sally: Yes, I will do it.

    Stephen: We need dividers and a bunch of notes. Well, we need notebook paper to put in it. Then we need to put the tabs in place.

    Arthur: We have a lot of stuff we need to be sure is organized. Are we doing it for all of our subjects or just a few? Will we have it for notes, too? Do we need a calendar to show what to do each day for homework or studying for tests?

    Sally: Wait a minute, I am having trouble writing all of this down. I have that we would need dividers and note paper and tabs. Give me some time and Arthur needs to say his stuff again, please.

    George: I do not like notebooks, and I can just stick my papers in my books or my backpack.

    Mary: I love notebooks and I know it can help me get my stuff together so I don't forget to do it.

    Arthur: Gee, I do not know if I can remember it all. But here goes. All subjects or just a few. Do we need notes section, calendar for the assignment? I think that was all.

    Harriet: I want my favorite pet's picture to be in my notebooks and lots of flowers on the outside.

    Robert: How about a page to show that our parents sign off on us doing assignments, too? Cuz we had one of those to take home last year with Mr. Gray every night.

    Mrs. Reed: Wow, I think we have some great ideas now! I will look over what Sally has written down and we can get started on this first thing tomorrow morning.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....