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    The Fish - by Marianne Moore

    The Fish


    through black jade.

    Of the crow-blue mussel-shells, one keeps

    adjusting the ash-heaps;

    opening and shutting itself like


    injured fan.

    The barnacles which encrust the side

    of the wave, cannot hide

    there for the submerged shafts of the


    split like spun

    glass, move themselves with spotlight swiftness

    into the crevices-

    in and out, illuminating


    turquoise sea

    of bodies. The water drives a wedge

    of iron through the iron edge

    of the cliff; whereupon the stars,


    rice-grains, ink-

    bespattered jelly fish, crabs like green

    lilies, and submarine

    toadstools, slide each on the other.



    marks of abuse are present on this

    defiant edifice-

    all the physical features of



    of cornice, dynamite grooves, burns, and

    hatchet strokes, these things stand

    out on it; the chasm-side is



    evidence has proved that it can live

    on what can not revive

    its youth. The sea grows old in it.


    This poem is in the public domain.


    Marianne Moore

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