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    Playing Video Games

    Scotty loves to play video games! I mean he plays every chance he gets. He even plays when he should be doing his homework, chores or going to bed! It has gotten so bad that his parents are considering a punishment to teach him a lesson.

    Scotty doesn't understand why they are upset with him and is trying to figure out what he can do so that he doesn't get his video game machine taken away. He has asked his friends for their ideas on the subject, too. He even asked his counselor at school. Scotty has been seeing her since his grades started dropping. The counselor told him it is very simple, give up the game playing on his own and get back to doing homework, chores, and going to bed on time.

    To Scotty, the ideas his counselor told him are good, but he is very reluctant to do it. So one of his friends, Hailey, has offered to help. She is going to make him a chart of time spent on playing games compared to time spent on his responsibilities. He agrees to give it a try.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....