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    The American Bison

    In the United States, we really do not have any buffaloes. The species that we have is the American bison. It is not related to the water buffalo or the African buffalo. Those are the only real buffaloes. Our bison is a relative of the cow and goat family. The females are smaller than the males, but both have a very large head, shaggy beard and curvy small horns, along with large hooves. Bison eat plants making them herbivores. They can be seen eating grass in the morning and night while they sleep during most of the day. They have to have plenty of water to drink. Usually other animals do not bother them because of how huge they are. Sometimes the babies or the very old bison are attacked by bears, wolves, or mountain lions. Most of the bison are now on national park protected land.

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    Please record your audio and wait some time....