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    Increase Your Vocabulary

    Additional vocabulary to add:

    Caveat emptor- [kav-ee-ahtemp-tawr] Latin, noun, let the buyer beware. The person who is purchasing something is responsible for noting any problems with their purchase, unless a warranty is made.

    Carte blanche-[kart blahnSH] French, noun, complete freedom to act as one wishes thinks is best. Full discretionary power.

    Tete a tete-[ 2 is also] French, noun, a personal conversation between two people. Adjective, face to face, private. Adverb, in private.

    Alfresco-[] Italian, adj, adv, open air, outdoors.

    Pas de deaux- [pa de du] French,noun, a dance duet in which 2 dancers perform ballet steps.

    Bon appetite- [bawna-pey-tee] French, true meaning is that may you enjoy your meal; however, in France it is a saying that the host announces to let the guests know it is time to begin eating.

    Quid pro quo- [kwid] Latin, noun,something given or received for something else.

    Alma mater- Latin, noun, an institution, school, university, college, where one has graduated from.

    Practice questions and explanations.

    In the English language, numerous words are derived from other languages and used frequently in written English. These words have become common place to most people. However, some may be unfamiliar and it is necessary to describe their origin for greater understanding of their meaning.

    Sample sentences to reinforce understanding of derived meanings:

    When purchasing a couch at the antique auction, Mr Willis took note of caveat emptor before agreeing to the sale.

    We had carte blanchewhen it came to choosing our fishing site, guide, and schooner at the hotel in the Caribbean.

    It was obvious that the couple was engaged in a tete a tete as they huddled in the corner booth.

    The group enjoyed their time dining alfresco on the San Antonio River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

    The dancers had perfected the pas de deaux while performing Sleeping Beauty at the local theatre.

    As usual, Maryann announced "bon appetite" as we began our first course appetizers at the French restaurant.

    It was obvious to all who attended the hearing that quid pro quo was applicable in the case in front of the jury.

    Scott and Sarah were boisterous and could be heard above the entire crowd as they sang during their 20th year reunion at their alma mater in Dayton, Ohio.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....