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    Disneyworld- Here We Come! Part - III

    When we were settled in to our room, Mom explained the sleeping arrangements. Valerie and I would get one of the queen size beds to share, Daniel would get the fold out couch in the living area, and Mom would get the other bed. She said that is night number one, then we will switch on the second night. I love it when my mom thinks of everyone and being fair to all. We were so happy we could have slept on the floor and not minded!! Mom called Dad to let him know we made it safe and sound. Then she called our grandmother, too. She also called Valerie's mom in the hospital so Valerie could talk to her and let her know all was well. Valerie's mom's health was improving daily, too.

    Mom ordered pizza for us the first night. We went to bed without any complaining, so excited to be going to Disneyworld the next day!

    Mom had picked up a map of the park when she had registered us, so she was busy planning our day while we were falling asleep.

    The morning came with a clap and thunder outside of our room. What was going on, we had wondered? Mom explained that it was raining and that we would have breakfast in the hotel lobby and then see what happened. She did tell us that the hotel manager had explained to her that quite often the rains would start and stop during the summers at Kissimmee, Florida. We were not too disappointed after she said that. The hotel offers a free breakfast for everyone. That was definitely a plus in Mom's opinion.

    Sure enough after we had eaten the sun came out. The hotel offered a trolley bus to the theme parks, so we opted to take that rather than worrying about parking and walking. Disneyworld stays open all day and late into the evening. Mom said she had mapped out our route to take so we could get to see most everything in our two days along with purchasing us the fast passes to avoid long line delays.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....