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    Hobbies are Good for the Mind and Body

    Many people enjoy hobbies. They can range from designing arts and crafts to singing in a choir. Hobbies improve self-esteem, physical well-being and can increase your academic gains, as well.

    Arts and crafts have been known to enable you to gain higher fine motor skills while creating unique works of art. Learning how to work slowly and taking time to complete projects can help you to learn self- control, and develop patience. Some forms of arts and crafts include drawing, painting, building model cars, model airplanes, jewelry making, and leather work. There are many arts and craft stores where you can find your interests.

    Sports have always been great hobbies for the young and old. Team and individual sports include football, baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis, wrestling and more. Quite often you join a sport to be with friends, learn to develop physical strength, or to enjoy what you like doing most. Communities generally have organizations to help parents and their children find the best sport for them.

    Another form of hobbies includes collecting. You can start collecting sports cards, and comic books at an early age. Doll collections, kept in pristine condition over the years can even be a financial plus when you get older. Your parents and relatives can help you start your collection if you ask them to give you collectible items you want for birthday presents or other occasions.

    Did you know that even the performing arts are considered a hobby? Joining a ballet class, drama club, tap and gymnastics, theatre or choir, can be your hobby. Again these types of hobbies help develop physical and emotional skills to improve your health and well-being.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....