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    The Big Cheese by Carla Gajewskey

    Read "The Big Cheese" and answer the questions that follow.
    1. Chester loved all kinds of cheese, but his favorite was Swiss cheese.
    2. Chester was plump with big round ears, a long tail, and a button nose. Chester was a mouse. He was a very clean mouse, but a mouse nonetheless.
    3. He lived in a small hole in the wall just behind the stove. It was the perfect place because no one knew he was there, and there were always good crumbs to eat.
    4. The cheese was a bit more challenging to get to. It was always on a plate placed on the counter by the sink.
    5. Chester would have to scurry past Sylvia the cat. Sylvia had been trying to catch Chester for years but never had any luck.
    6. Since Chester was getting older and plumper, he was worried that Sylvia would be able to catch him soon for her favorite snack, mouse.
    7. Chester decided to start looking for a new place to live.
    8. Ollie the Owl asked him if he ever considered moving to the moon. She said that the moon was made of cheese, blue cheese at that.
    9. Chester thought on this for a moment and realized that he really didn't even know where the moon was, but blue cheese sounded close enough to Swiss cheese.
    10. Ollie told him to come back once it got dark and she would show him where the moon was.
    11. Chester came back at dark and waited for Ollie. Finally, Ollie came swooping down and landed on her limb.
    12. Chester did not waste any time with small talk and asked Ollie where the moon was. She pointed to a huge lit up ball in the sky. Chester was stunned by how big it was and asked, "All of that is made of cheese?"
    13. Chester said, "I could live off of that for a life time. How do I get up there?"
    Ollie said, "I heard about those rocket things that will shoot you up to the moon."
    14. Chester remembered one of the boys in the house he lived in made a bottle rocket for a science fair project. Chester knew he had to get that bottle rocket, and he needed Ollie's help.
    15. He went inside and tiptoed past Sylvia to the closet of crafts. That is where he last saw the rocket.
    16. Once he saw it, he motioned for Ollie to fly in from the window that had been left open in the kitchen. Ollie flew in without a sound, grabbed the bottle rocket with her feet, and flew out. Chester could not believe how quiet she was.
    17. He ran to the junk drawer in the office and grabbed a few matches.
    18. Chester then began to run to the cat door and ran right into Sylvia. Sylvia grabbed him, but Chester slipped out of her paws and out the cat door. Sylvia was right behind him.
    19. He saw the bottle rocket in the open field. He struck the match, lit the rocket as he ran by it, and then jumped in. Chester yelled, "Come on! Come on!" The bottle rocket just fizzed, and nothing happened.
    20. Chester just froze in fear as Sylvia grabbed the rocket. She held the rocket in her paws as it started sputtering. All of a sudden, she pointed it facing the moon and it took off.
    21. Chester cried "Yee, Haw!" The moon got closer and closer. Finally the rocket was flying over the moon. Chester jumped off and rolled into a big hole.
    22. He sat up and realized that Swiss cheese doesn't even have holes this big. He grabbed a big clump, took a bite, and smiled. Chester thought to himself, "Home is where the heart is, or at least where the cheese is!"

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....