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    Fire Dog by Carla Gajewskey

    Read "Fire Dog" and answer the questions that follow.
    1. Dalmatian dogs go with firefighters like peas and carrots.
    2. What does this white and black spotted pup do? Once upon a time, people did not have cars. Instead, they had wagons that were pulled by horses.
    3. Firefighters had a fire wagon. The wagon carried everything they needed to put out a fire.
    4. The Dalmatians barked in the streets when the fire wagons approached. This warned people to move out of the way for the fire wagon.
    5. Dalmatians had another job. They had to keep the horses calm. Horses were known to be afraid of fire. The horses needed to bring the wagons close to the fire because the water, used to put out the fires, was carried in the wagon. The Dalmatians helped the horses with this.
    6. Dalmatians also watched out for the fire station. They made sure no one would take the horses, the things used to put out the fire, or the fire wagon. Most fire stations had two Dalmatians. One would stay at the fire station and the other would go help put out fires. This house and wagon alarm had a bite.
    7. Dalmatians are known for their hunting skills. By using their good sense of smell they would hunt the rats at the fire station. This made the firefighters happy since the rats carried germs that made them sick.
    8. Even though we do not use fire wagons today, you may see a Dalmatian running out of the fire house barking. He is letting everyone know that the fire truck is leaving. You may even see him on the back of the fire truck. They like watching the fire truck while the firefighters are putting out the fire. In some cases, Dalmatians have rescued firefighters and people from fires.
    9. We have come a long way from horses and wagons. Many things have changed since that time. One thing that has not changed is the Dalmatians. Their fun loving nature lives on today. They are a loyal friend to their masters. It is safe to say that the fire dog's role may be a little different, but he will always play a part in firefighting.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....