Free Reading Fluency Analyzer

This page helps you become a fluent reader. Students can easily check their reading accuracy, speed and expression by reading McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader, Revised Edition. The Lumos Reading Fluency analyzer automatically analyzes student read audio and provides insightful reports to help students become fluent readers. Try it now!

Tab1:- A) Record your audio.
B) Read Along
Tab2:-Reading proficiency reports will be shown after analysing your audio
Tab3:-Intensity and pitch graphs

    McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader, Revised Edition

    wish float tie know rope boat try shore give pole don't push drag won't oar fun'ny [Illustration: Two girls standing by fence, one is pulling a small wooden tub with a rope along the path.] "Kate, I wish we had a boat to put the dolls in. Don't you?" "I know what we can do. We can get the little tub, and tie a rope to it, and drag it to the pond. This will float with the dolls in it, and we can get a pole to push it from the shore." "What a funny boat, Kate! A tub for a boat, and a pole for an oar! Won't it upset?" "We can try it, Nell, and see." "Well you get the tub, and I will get a pole and a rope. We will put both dolls in the tub, and give them a ride."

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....