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    The Jew of Malta

    THE PROLOGUE SPOKEN AT COURT. Gracious and great, that we so boldly dare ('Mongst other plays that now in fashion are) To present this, writ many years agone, And in that age thought second unto none, We humbly crave your pardon. We pursue The story of a rich and famous Jew Who liv'd in Malta: you shall find him still, In all his projects, a sound Machiavill; And that's his character. He that hath past So many censures 3 is now come at last To have your princely ears: grace you him; then You crown the action, and renown the pen. EPILOGUE SPOKEN AT COURT. It is our fear, dread sovereign, we have bin 4 Too tedious; neither can't be less than sin To wrong your princely patience: if we have, Thus low dejected, we your pardon crave; And, if aught here offend your ear or sight, We only act and speak what others write. THE PROLOGUE TO THE STAGE, AT THE COCK-PIT. We know not how our play may pass this stage, But by the best of poets 5 in that age THE MALTA-JEW had being and was made; And he then by the best of actors 6 play'd: In HERO AND LEANDER 7 one did gain A lasting memory; in Tamburlaine, This Jew, with others many, th' other wan The attribute of peerless, being a man Whom we may rank with (doing no one wrong) Proteus for shapes, and Roscius for a tongue,- So could he speak, so vary; nor is't hate To merit in him 8 who doth personate Our Jew this day; nor is it his ambition To exceed or equal, being of condition More modest: this is all that he intends, (And that too at the urgence of some friends,) To prove his best, and, if none here gainsay it, The part he hath studied, and intends to play it. EPILOGUE TO THE STAGE, AT THE COCK-PIT. In graving with Pygmalion to contend, Or painting with Apelles, doubtless the end Must be disgrace: our actor did not so,- He only aim'd to go, but not out-go. Nor think that this day any prize was play'd; 9 Here were no bets at all, no wagers laid: 10 All the ambition that his mind doth swell, Is but to hear from you (by me) 'twas well. DRAMATIS PERSONAE. FERNEZE, governor of Malta. LODOWICK, his son. SELIM CALYMATH, son to the Grand Seignior. MARTIN DEL BOSCO, vice-admiral of Spain. MATHIAS, a gentleman. JACOMO, | BARNARDINE, | friars. BARABAS, a wealthy Jew. ITHAMORE, a slave. PILIA-BORZA, a bully, attendant to BELLAMIRA. Two Merchants. Three Jews. Knights, Bassoes, Officers, Guard, Slaves, Messenger, and Carpenters KATHARINE, mother to MATHIAS. ABIGAIL, daughter to BARABAS. BELLAMIRA, a courtezan. Abbess. Nun. MACHIAVEL as Prologue speaker. Scene, Malta.

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