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Free Online Games for Kids that help with Child’s Writing Skills : K-8

To help with Child’s Writing Skills you could use online games that are available for free.
For Upper elementary (Grade 3-5) kids, debate game could come in handy. Main objective of this game is to select the best argument out of the four possible choices given, kids will select a topic and read the arguments from the other side. It has the virtual audience which applauds when the player chooses the correct argument. Click here for the game : Debate game for kids.

Story maker is another interactive activity in which children can practice writing stories with dialogues. First the player will select background, characters and background music then they can write dialogues from one character to another for each scene. After completing with three scenes with all information they can press play, then the 3-act story will appear on screen with complete music as a cartoon.

Visit here to find writing resources for all the grade levels

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