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Mobile Apps on English Tenses for Kids

Top Rated Apps for Tenses:

A tense is a form taken by a verb to show the time of an action. There are three types of tenses: present tense, past tense and future tense. Present tense are things that are true when the words are spoken, things that were true before the words were spoken are past tense and the things that might be true are future tense.

The term tense has been derived from the Latin word “tempus” meaning time. The notion of English verb tenses is very important in establishing effective communication.

Learning tenses:
I went, I was going, I have gone or I had gone to London three times. Which tense do you use in which situation?More than 9,000 users bought this app to learn English tenses in a couple of weeks.

English Grammar Practice:
All the grammar you need to pass English exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge.Features:More than 60 grammar topics.Each topic has an explanation.Each topic has a practice test.More than 600 test questions

Grammar Quiz Free:
Fun and effective learning tool for kids to learn grammar. Perfect for your K-5 student!- Challenge your child to reach a target score. You can check back later to view his/her latest result, as well as the overall score.

Murphy’s English Grammar in Use:
THIS IS A STARTER PACK OF 6 UNITS, STUDY GUIDE & GLOSSARY With in-app purchasing you can choose the other grammar units you want to buy.The official English Grammar in Use app, written by Raymond Murphy.

Irregular Verbs of English:
The app contains all important English irregular verbs (more than 200 verbs overall). Please choose the learning method that suits you the best.

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