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Mobile Apps for 6th Grade Students

Top Rated Apps for Grade 6:

6th grade is the term used for primary education in the US. It is the sixth school year after kindergarten. Student’s ages are usually between 11-12years.

In mathematics, students are usually introduced to multiplication and division facts, place value to thousands or ten thousands and estimation. Math Symbol Matching, Fraction Review Worksheet.

CA 6th Math:
This app is optimized for both iPhones and iPads.It would be nice to have simple Math learning tool that will tell the kids, where they stand on each topic for US Sixth kids and help them measure themselves, where they stand in order to focus on the weak topics and prevent them from concluding they don’t know Math.

Sixth Grade Learning Games:
Learn important 6th Grade lessons with 10 fun and interactive games! The games teach advanced subjects such as geometry, algebra, probability, statistics, number sense, reading comprehension, synonyms, vocabulary, and more

6th Grade Friendzy:
Why do people love this app? We listen to you!Want to suggest a new feature? Find something confusing? Found a bug? Send us an e-mail at 6th (Sixth) Grade education can be fun and learning 6th Grade curriculum is now easy with this fun and interactive app.

6th Grade Vocabulary Prep:
It ‘s never too early to improve your vocabulary skills!6th Grade Vocabulary Prep was designed for the student and family looking for an advantage in solidifying their word skills.

U.S. History Quiz 6th – 8th Grade:
:Contains all learning levels — no in-app purchases required! The US History Game For Kids app lets you practice facts about US history that are typically part of the curriculum for kids and students in 6th through 8th grade.

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