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Mobile Apps for Grade 3 Students

Top Rated Apps for Grade 3:

3rd grade is the term used for primary education in the US. It is the third school year after kindergarten. Students here are usually aged between 8 – 9 years. Students are introduced to multiplication and division mathematics, place value to thousands or ten thousand, and estimation in mathematics.

In science, 3rd graders are taught basic physical sciences, chemistry. In reading, third grade students begin working on text comprehension.

Third Grade Learning Games:
Ten entertaining and educational mini-games for 3rd Graders! Help them learn multiplication, grammar, geometry, division, and more all while they are playing fun and engaging mini-games.

3rd Grade Math Testing Prep:
How do you know if your child is prepared for the state-mandated math test? Get ready for standardized testing with hundreds of math questions covering a wide range of topics on a challenging 3rd grade level.

Wonder Bunny Math Race: 3rd Grade Learning App:
Perfect math learning app for 3rd Grd children! Aligned to most math curriculums, this educational game makes learning numbers and math operations super fun and easy for kids.

3rd Grade Friendzy:
Why do people love this app? We listen to you! Want to suggest a new feature? Find something confusing? Found a bug? Send us an e-mail at 3rd (Third) Grade education can be fun and learning 3rd Grade curriculum is now easy with this fun and interactive app

3rd Grade Math:
LogTera 3rd Grade Math delivers the most comprehensive learning and fun game for children 5 to 9 years. The captivating Safari theme and Avatars keep children engaged and motivates them to learn new skills.

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