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Fractions and Decimals Mobile Apps for Kids

Top Rated Apps for Fractions and Decimals:

Fractions to decimals and decimals back to fractions. Life was fun back then. Today, we bust out our smart phones and use our calculators to convert. It would probably be best for us to flex our brains and not use technology to do basic arithmetic. Unfortunately, kids don’t have the luxury of convenience as adults do. Just like we did, they have to learn fractions and decimals the way we all did.

Learning how to convert fractions into decimals can be enriched with fraction and decimal games. There are outstanding apps available for this purpose. To drill the skill until students have it down, fraction to decimal worksheets and charts do the trick. Practice, practice, practice, is the motto!

iTooch 5th Grade Math App :

With more than 4,500 exercises, iTooch Math Grade 5 is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Math for 5th Graders. It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store.

Convert Inch Fractions Properly:
Want to know what 12.9cm is in inches? This app tells you: 5 5/64 Not: 5.07874016!What about 1.45 yards? That ‘s 1 yard, 1 foot and 4 13/64 of an inch!Apparently unique in the App Store, this app will tell you what a metric measurement is in yards, feet and fractions of an inch!

Fraction and Decimal Calculator with Fractions :
Use as a fraction homework helper for grades 3-9 or for general fraction problems. See all work steps for fraction problem solution. Switch between mixed and improper fractions.

4th Grade Splash Math :

Splash Math Grade 4 app is a collection of fun and interactive math problems aligned to Common Core Standards. The app reinforces math concepts with self-paced and adaptive practice anytime, anywhere (works on iPhone, iPod, iPad, laptops and desktops).

3rd Grade Splash Math Games:
Awards & Recognition ‘s for Splash Math Series Splash Math Program is currently used by over 10 million kids and has bagged several prestigious awards. • Winner of “Gold Stevie Award” (2013) in “Education and Reference” category

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