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The National Map

Data sets and products from The National Map are intended for use by
government, ... The 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) is managed by the USGS
National ...

Florence 3D Faces 2D/3D Hybrid Face Dataset

Media Integration and Communication Center: italian research in computer ...
Florence 3D Faces 2D/3D Hybrid Face Dataset. Home · Resources; Florence 3D
Faces. Abstract. This dataset is being constructed specifically to support research
on ... Second, we record high definition (HD) video of the subject as he simulates
a ...

Florence 2D/3D Face Dataset « Iacopo Masi Dataset ... Abstract
: This article describes a new dataset under construction at the Media Integration
and Communication Center and the University of Florence. The dataset consists
of high-resolution 3D scans of human faces from ... High Definition of our Mesh.

(YTF) dataset

Media Integration and Communication Center: italian research in computer
science and multimedia. ... e-ytf Extended youtube faces An extension of
YouTube Faces (YTF) dataset ... The protocol defined is face identification, that is:
given a query image ( or set of images ) ... 3D face modeling for face recognition
in the wild ...

Python Machine Learning: Scikit-Learn Tutorial (article) - DataCamp

Feb 25, 2019 ... However, you can typically find good data sets at the UCI Machine Learning .... In
other words, if you have a 3d array like this y = np.zeros((2, 3, ..... Then, the k-
means algorithm will find the nearest cluster center for each data ...

Macromolecular Structures Resource Group

Overview of 3D Macromolecular structure resources by the National Center for ...
resolved 3D structures, by using protein BLAST against the PDB data set. ... How
to use the macromolecular structures resources: examples, back to top ...

Island 3D model

Set Mesh type to 3D, and Transport to Simulation using pressure. ... define a
zone with courser elements within 400 m of the center of the island and a mesh
element size ... Set the following formulas for the data sets shown in the table

Volume rendering - Wikipedia

In scientific visualization and computer graphics, volume rendering is a set of
techniques used to display a 2D projection of a 3D discretely sampled data set,
typically a 3D scalar field. A typical 3D data set is a group of 2D slice images
acquired by a CT, MRI, ... Using a simple camera model, the ray starts at the
center of projection of the ...

Validation for 2D/3D registration I: A new gold standard data set

In Refs. and, gold standard data sets and evaluation methods for 2D/3D ... in the
workshop of the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the ....
where Rz, Ry, and Rx, are 3×3 rotation matrices defining rotation around the z, ...

K Means

One of the most straightforward tasks we can perform on a data set without labels
is to find groups of data ... centroids (points which are the center of a cluster)
based on the current assignment of data points to clusters. .... (right) K-means in

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