Graphing using intercepts (old) (video) | Khan Academy -intercepts

An old video of Sal where he draws the line y=3x-9 by finding its x- and y-
intercetps. Created by Sal Khan and Monterey Institute for Technology and

Graph a Line using x and y Intercepts - ChiliMath

Another excellent method to graph a line in the xy-axis or xy-plane is to use its
intercepts. What are intercepts? These are points of the line that are found on the

Graphing a Linear Equation using Intercepts - YouTube

Dec 1, 2013 ... Graphing a Linear Equation using Intercepts ... Here we find the x-intercept and
the y-intercept of a linear function and use those points to graph the equation. ...
How to Find the X and Y Intercept of a Line ( Example 1 ) ...

Graphing Lines Using Intercepts

There are two efficient and accepted methods for graphing lines -- this is one of
them. For the other one, we'll need some more ammunition, so I'll save it for later.

Graphing using x- and y-intercepts | Graphing lines and slope ...

Mar 7, 2011 ... Graphing using X and Y intercepts. Created by Sal Khan and Monterey Institute
for Technology and Education. Watch the next lesson: ...

How Do You Use X- and Y-Intercepts To Graph a Line In Standard ... -line

Note: To find the x-intercept of a given linear equation, simply remove the 'y' and
solve for 'x'. To find the y-intercept, remove the 'x' and solve for 'y'. In this ...

Graph Using Intercepts

Since two points determine a line, we can use the x- and y-intercepts to graph
linear equations. We have just outlined an easy method for finding intercepts;
now ...

Graphing Equations Using Intercepts

Graphing Equations Using Intercepts. Finding Intercepts. The x-intercept is the
point at which a line crosses the x-axis; i.e. the point at which y = 0.

Using the X and Y Intercepts to Graph Standard Form Equations

Learn how to use the x and y intercept to graph linear equations that are written
in standard ... The point where the line touches the x axis is called the x intercept.

Graphing Equations Using Algebra Calculator - MathPapa

Learn how to use the Algebra Calculator to graph equations. Example Problem.
Graph the following equation: y=2x+1. How to Graph the Equation in Algebra ...

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