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A theoretical study on charge transport of dithiolene nickel complexes

Organic semiconducting materials play an important role in the fabrication of high
... The estimation of the HOMO and LUMO energies can be calculated as: ... In
this study, the characteristics of charge transport of all complexes 1a–3a and ...
usually display a diradical character in which open-shell singlet states could be ...

Characters - Character Traits - Character Analysis - Flocabulary

This video teaches how to identify a character's traits using their words, actions, ...
It gives examples of direct and indirect characterization and shows how to use ...

Quantum chemical characterization of the generation of high-valent ...

Feb 15, 2011 ... The pH-independent multiple reduction energies for Ru(III/II), .... by natural bond
orbital (NBO) analysis of the density matrix obtained from BP86 single point
calculations. ... An important character of the transition metal ion is their ability to
.... metal-based dyz orbital of ruthenium(III) center (β-LUMO) (see Fig.

Characters - Revision 3 - GCSE English Literature - BBC Bitesize

Revise and learn about the characters in Charles Dickens's novella, A Christmas
Carol with BBC Bitesize GCSE English Literature.

In situ characterization of cofacial Co(IV) centers in Co4O4 cubane ...

Mar 27, 2017 ... The Co(III)3Co(IV) state of the cubane has been shown to be a .... The α/β-
LUMOs of this Co(IV)2 site are given in Fig. .... The ability to generate oxyl radical
character dovetails with increasing evidence for the role of oxygen ...

Characterization - Examples and Definition

Definition, Usage and a list of Characterization Examples in common speech and
literature. ... It is in the initial stage in which the writer introduces the character
with ... The actors who act in such roles usually work on them profoundly to get an


Hard Lewis acids are characterized by small ionic radii, high positive charge,
strongly ... According to FMO analysis, the interactions between acids and bases
are ... Greater the energy gap between the HOMO & LUMO, harder is the species.
.... Symbiotic effect: The hard-soft character of the metal ion is altered by the other

Tuning the photophysical properties of cationic iridium(III ...

Tuning the photophysical properties of cationic iridium(III) complexes ... been
synthesized as the hexafluoridophosphate salts and fully characterized. ... The
role of inter- and intramolecular face-to-face π-stacking in the solid state is
discussed. ... metal-to-ligand/ligand-to-ligand charge transfer (MLCT/LLCT)
character for the ...

Tuning the Emission of Cationic Iridium (III) Complexes Towards the ...

Jul 16, 2015 ... The synthesis, characterization and evaluation in solid-state devices of a series
of 8 ... In LEECs the iTMC accomplishes several functions including: ... tune the
emission energy to the red in cationic iridium(III) complexes despite .... owing to
the mesomeric electron donating character of the methoxy group.

Synthesis and Characterization of Ruffled Phosphorus meso‐Ester ...

Dec 23, 2016 ... The strong electron‐withdrawing character of 5,15‐meso‐ester groups was ...
and characterization of four new phosphorus(V) 5,15‐diester corroles, ..... and the
two lowest unoccupied molecular orbitals (LUMOs) involved in the .... a PC with
the BAS100W software (v2.3). A three‐electrode system with a Pt ...

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