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Schools near Mount Juliet, TN

School Name

Number of Students


Phone number

GLADEVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL N/A Mount Juliet 615-453-6600
Tech Trep Academy N/A Springville (208) 358-3547
Fc Boyd Sr Christian School N/A Minnville (931) 473-9631
White County Mennonite Christian Day School N/A Sparta (931) 738-8131
ST PAUL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY N/A Nashville (615) 269-4751
Briceville Elementary N/A Briceville 865-426-2289
Clinch River Community School N/A Clinton 865-457-7462
Claxton Elementary N/A Powell 865-945-2222
Anderson County High School N/A Clinton 865-457-4716
Clinton Middle School N/A Clinton 865-457-3451
Clinton High School N/A Clinton 865-457-2611
Anderson County Career Technical Center N/A Clinton 865-457-4205
Dutch Valley Elementary N/A Clinton 865-457-2599
Fairview Elementary N/A Heiskell 865-494-7959
Grand Oaks Elementary N/A Clinton 865-435-7506
Andersonville Elementary N/A Andersonville 865-494-7695
Lake City Middle School N/A Lake City 865-426-2609
Norris Elementary N/A Norris 865-494-7422
Norris Middle School N/A Norris 865-494-7171
Norwood Elementary N/A Oliver Springs 865-435-2519
Norwood Middle School N/A Oliver Springs 865-435-7749
Cloudland Elementary School N/A Roan Mountain 423-772-5310
Cloudland High School N/A Roan Mountain 423-772-5300
Hampton Elementary N/A Hampton 423-725-5220
Hampton High School N/A Hampton 423-725-5200
Happy Valley Elementary N/A Johnson City 423-547-4028
Happy Valley Middle School N/A Elizabethton 423-547-4070
Hunter Elementary N/A Elizabethton 423-547-4074
Central Elementary N/A Johnson City 423-547-4045
Keenburg Elementary N/A Elizabethton 423-547-4047
Siam Learning Center N/A Elizabethton 423-547-4050
Little Milligan N/A Butler 423-768-4400
Range Elementary N/A Watauga 423-547-4037
Unaka Elementary N/A Elizabethton 423-474-4110
Unaka High School N/A Elizabethton 423-474-4100
Valley Forge Elementary N/A Elizabethton 423-547-4085
East Side Elementary N/A Elizabethton 423-547-8010
Elizabethton High School N/A Elizabethton 423-547-8015
Harold McCormick Elementary N/A Elizabethton 423-547-8020
T A Dugger Junior High School N/A Elizabethton 423-547-8025
West Side Elementary N/A Elizabethton 423-547-8030
North Clinton Elementary N/A Clinton 865-457-2784
South Clinton Elementary N/A Clinton 865-457-2684
Clinton Elementary N/A Clinton 865-457-0616
Cheatham Co Adult High School N/A Ashland City 615-792-9287
Cheatham Middle School N/A Ashland City 615-792-2334
East Cheatham Elementary N/A Ashland City 615-746-5251
Harpeth Middle School N/A Kingston Springs 615-952-2293
Harpeth High School N/A Kingston Springs 615-952-2811
Pleasant View Christian School N/A Pleasant View (615) 746-8555
Kingston Springs Elementary N/A Kingston Springs 615-952-9060
Pegram Elementary N/A Pegram 615-646-6637
Sycamore Middle School N/A Pleasant View 615-746-8852
Sycamore High School N/A Pleasant View 615-746-5013
West Cheatham Elementary N/A Chapmansboro 615-792-5167
Ashland City Elementary N/A Ashland City 615-792-4296
Glenwood Elementary N/A Oak Ridge 865-425-9401
Jefferson Middle School N/A Oak Ridge 865-425-9301
Linden Elementary N/A Oak Ridge 865-425-5701
Oak Ridge High School N/A Oak Ridge 865-425-9601
Robertsville Middle School N/A Oak Ridge 865-425-9201
Preschool N/A Oak Ridge 865-425-9101
Willow Brook Elementary N/A Oak Ridge 865-425-3201
Woodland Elementary N/A Oak Ridge 865-425-9501
East Chester Elementary School N/A Henderson 731-989-8145
Jacks Creek Elementary N/A Jacks Creek 731-989-8155
W Chester Elementary School N/A Henderson 731-989-8150
Chester County Middle School N/A Henderson 731-989-8110
Chester County High School N/A Henderson 731-989-8125
Soldiers Memorial Middle School N/A Tazewell 423-626-3531
Claiborne High School N/A New Tazewell 423-626-3532
Springdale Elementary N/A Tazewell 423-626-9142
Tazewell-New Tazewell Elementary N/A New Tazewell 423-626-9502
The Alpha School N/A New Tazewell 423-626-3323
Clairfield Elementary N/A Clairfield 423-784-6052
Ellen Myers Primary N/A Harrogate 423-869-2172
Claiborne Adult High School N/A Tazewell 423-626-8222
Forge Ridge School N/A Harrogate 423-869-2768
H. Y. Livesay Middle School N/A Harrogate 423-869-4663
Midway Elementary N/A New Tazewell 423-626-3067
Cumberland Gap High School N/A Cumberland Gap 423-869-9964
Powell Valley Elementary N/A Speedwell 423-869-4659
Clay County High School N/A Celina 931-243-2340
Clay Co Adult High School N/A Celina 931-243-3310
Hermitage Springs Elementary School N/A Red Boiling Springs 615-699-2414
Maple Grove Elementary N/A Allons 931-823-4838
Celina K-8 N/A Celina 931-243-2391
Cocke Co Adult High School N/A Newport 423-625-3427
Cocke Co High School N/A Newport 423-623-8718
Cosby Elementary N/A Cosby 423-487-3850
Cosby High School N/A Cosby 423-487-5602
Del Rio Elementary N/A Del Rio 423-487-5570
Edgemont Elementary N/A Newport 423-623-2288
Bridgeport Elementary N/A Newport 423-623-2215
Northwest Elementary N/A Newport 423-623-4697
Parrottsville Elementary N/A Parrottsville 423-623-1612
Smoky Mountain Elementary N/A Cosby 423-487-2255
Newport Grammar School N/A Newport 423-623-3811
Coffee County Middle School N/A Manchester 931-723-5177
East Coffee Elementary N/A Manchester 931-723-5185
Hickerson Elementary N/A Tullahoma 931-455-9576
Hillsboro Elementary N/A Hillsboro 931-596-2775
New Union Elementary N/A Manchester 931-723-5187
North Coffee Elementary N/A Manchester 931-723-5183
Coffee County Koss Center N/A Manchester 931-723-5189
Coffee County Central High School N/A Manchester 931-723-5159
Deerfield Elementary School N/A Manchester 931-570-2652
Westwood Elementary N/A Manchester 931-728-3412
Westwood Middle School N/A Manchester 931-728-2071
College Street Elementary N/A Manchester 931-728-2805
East Middle School N/A Tullahoma 931-454-2632
East Lincoln Elementary N/A Tullahoma 931-454-2612
Jack T Farrar Elementary N/A Tullahoma 931-454-2608
Robert E Lee Elementary N/A Tullahoma 931-464-2637
Tullahoma High School N/A Tullahoma 931-454-2620
West Middle School N/A Tullahoma 931-454-2605
Bel Aire Elementary N/A Tullahoma 931-454-2610
Crockett County Middle School N/A Alamo 731-696-5583
Friendship Elementary N/A Friendship 731-677-2718
Gadsden Elementary N/A Gadsden 731-663-2453
Crockett County High School N/A Alamo 731-696-4525
Maury City Elementary N/A Maury City 731-656-2244
Alamo Elementary N/A Alamo 731-696-5515
Bells Elementary N/A Bells 731-663-2161
Church Hill Elementary N/A Church Hill (423)357-5621
Crab Orchard Elementary N/A Crab Orchard 931-484-7400
Mnps Virtual School N/A Nashville (615)259-4636
Cumberland County High School N/A Crossville 931-484-6194
Glenn Martin Elementary N/A Crossville 931-484-7547
North Cumberland Elementary N/A Crossville 931-484-5174
Pine View Elementary N/A Rockwood 865-354-1986
Pleasant Hill Elementary N/A Pleasant Hill 931-277-3677
South Cumberland Elementary N/A Crossville 931-788-6713
Stone Elementary N/A Crossville 931-456-5636
Stone Memorial High School N/A Crossville 931-484-5767
Frank P. Brown Elementary N/A Crossville 931-788-2248
The Phoenix School N/A Crossville 931-456-1228
Davidson Academy N/A Nashville (615) 860-5300
St Edward Elementary School N/A Nashville (615) 833-5770
Strive Collegiate Academy N/A Nashville (615)645-6440
A. Z. Kelley Elementary School N/A Antioch 615-941-7535
Chadwell Elementary N/A Madison 615-860-1459
Charlotte Park Elementary N/A Nashville 615-353-2006
Cockrill Elementary N/A Nashville 615-298-8075
W. A. Bass Adult High School N/A Nashville 615-298-8053
W.A. Bass Alternative Learning Center N/A Nashville 615-298-3278
Cole Elementary N/A Antioch 615-333-5043
Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet Elem. N/A Nashville 615-262-6981
Crieve Hall Elementary N/A Nashville 615-333-5059
Croft Middle Design Center N/A Nashville 615-332-0217
Andrew Jackson Elementary N/A Old Hickory 615-847-7317
Cumberland Elementary N/A Nashville 615-291-6370
Dan Mills Elementary N/A Nashville 615-262-6677
Dodson Elementary N/A Hermitage 615-885-8806
Donelson Middle School N/A Nashville 615-884-4080
Dupont Elementary N/A Old Hickory 615-847-7305
Dupont Tyler Middle School N/A Hermitage 615-885-8827
Dupont Hadley Middle School N/A Old Hickory 615-847-7300
Eakin Elementary N/A Nashville 615-298-8076
Antioch High School N/A Antioch 615-641-5400
East Nashville Magnet School N/A Nashville 615-262-6947
Thomas A. Edison Elementary School N/A Antioch 615-501-8800
Fall- Hamilton Elementary Enhanced Option N/A Nashville 615-291-6380
Antioch Middle School N/A Antioch 615-333-5642
Gateway Elementary N/A Madison 615-860-1465
Glencliff Elementary N/A Nashville 615-333-5105
Nashville Academy Of Computer Science N/A Nashville (615)921-5000
Glencliff High School N/A Nashville 615-333-5070
Apollo Middle School N/A Antioch 615-333-5025
Glendale Spanish Immersion Elementary School N/A Nashville 615-279-7970
Glengarry Elementary N/A Nashville 615-360-2900
Glenn Elementary Enhance Option School N/A Nashville 615-262-6682
Glenview Elementary N/A Nashville 615-360-2906
Goodlettsville Elementary N/A Goodlettsville 615-859-8950
Goodlettsville Middle School N/A Goodlettsville 615-859-8956
Gower Elementary N/A Nashville 615-353-2012
Gra-Mar Middle School N/A Nashville 615-262-6685
Granbery Elementary N/A Brentwood 615-333-5112
H G Hill Middle School N/A Nashville 615-353-2020
Metro Nashville Virtual School N/A Nashville 615-259-4636
Harpeth Valley Elementary N/A Nashville 615-662-3015
Harris-Hillman Special N/A Nashville 615-298-8085
Haynes Health/ Medical Science Design Center N/A Nashville 615-262-6688
Haywood Elementary N/A Nashville 615-333-5118
Head Middle Mathematics / Science Magnet N/A Nashville 615-329-8160
Henry Maxwell Elementary School N/A Antioch 615-333-7180
Hermitage Elementary N/A Hermitage 615-885-8838
Hickman Elementary N/A Nashville 615-884-4020
Meigs Middle Magnet School N/A Nashville 615-271-3222
Hillsboro Comp High School N/A Nashville 615-298-8400
McKissack Middle School N/A Nashville 615-298-8065
Hunters Lane Comp High School N/A Nashville 615-860-1401
Inglewood Elementary N/A Nashville 615-262-6697
Isaac Litton Middle School N/A Nashville 615-262-6700
J. E. Moss Elementary N/A Antioch 615-333-5200
Jere Baxter Middle School N/A Nashville 615-262-6710
Baxter Alternative Learning Center N/A Nashville 615-650-5381
Joelton Elementary N/A Joelton 615-876-5110
Joelton Middle School N/A Joelton 615-876-5100
John Early Paideia Middle Magnet N/A Nashville 615-291-6369
Jones Paideia Elementary Magnet N/A Nashville 615-291-6382
John B Whitsitt Elementary N/A Nashville 615-333-5600
John F. Kennedy Middle School N/A Antioch 615-501-7900
John Overton Comp High School N/A Nashville 615-333-5135
Bellevue Middle School N/A Nashville 615-662-3000
Johnson School N/A Nashville 615-291-6414
Julia Green Elementary N/A Nashville 615-298-8082
Robert E. Lilliard @ Kings Lane Design Center N/A Nashville 615-876-5126
Kirkpatrick Elementary Enhanced Option N/A Nashville 615-262-6708
Lakeview Elementary Design Center N/A Nashville 615-360-2912
Lockeland Elementary Design Center N/A Nashville 615-258-1330
M N P S Middle College High School N/A Nashville 615-353-3333
Cora Howe School N/A Nashville 615-612-2545
Maplewood Comp High School N/A Nashville 615-262-6770
Bellshire Elementary Design Center N/A Nashville 615-860-1452
Margaret Allen Middle School N/A Nashville 615-291-6385
Mc Cann Alternative Learning Center N/A Nashville 615-298-8090
McGavock Elementary N/A Nashville 615-885-8912
McGavock Comp High School N/A Nashville 615-885-8850
McMurray Middle School N/A Nashville 615-333-5126
John T. Moore Middle School N/A Nashville 615-298-8095
Mt. View Elementary N/A Antioch 615-641-9393
Alex Green Impact School N/A Whites Creek 615-876-5105
Murrell School N/A Nashville 615-298-8070
Napier Elementary Enhancement Option N/A Nashville 615-291-6400
Nashville School Of The Arts N/A Nashville 615-291-6600
Neely's Bend Elementary N/A Madison 615-258-1053
Neely's Bend Middle School N/A Madison 615-860-1477
Norman Binkley Elementary N/A Nashville 615-333-5037
Nashville Big Picture High School N/A Nashville 615-353-2081
Old Center Elementary N/A Goodlettsville 615-859-8968
William Henry Oliver Middle School N/A Nashville 615-332-3011
Paragon Mills Elementary N/A Nashville 615-333-5170
Park Avenue Elementary Enhanced Option N/A Nashville 615-298-8412
Bordeaux Elementary Enhanced Option N/A Nashville 615-291-6355
Pearl Cohn Magnet High School N/A Nashville 615-329-8150
Pennington Elementary N/A Nashville 615-885-8918
Percy Priest Elementary N/A Nashville 615-298-8416
Rose Park Math/ Science Middle Magnet N/A Nashville 615-291-6405
Rosebank Elementary N/A Nashville 615-262-6720
Ross Elementary N/A Nashville 615-262-6728
Ruby Major Elementary School N/A Hermitage 615-232-2203
May Werthan Shayne Elementary School N/A Nashville 615-332-3020
Shwab Elementary N/A Nashville 615-262-6725
The Academy at Opry Mills N/A Nashville 615-687-4028
The Academy at Old Cockrill N/A Nashville 615-259-4636
Stanford Elementary Montessori Design Center N/A Nashville 615-885-8822
Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School N/A Nashville 615-687-4024
Stratford STEM Magnet High School N/A Nashville 615-262-6730
Madison Middle School N/A Old Hickory 615-259-4636
Stratton Elementary N/A Madison 615-860-1486
Brick Church Middle N/A Nashville 615-262-6665
Sylvan Park Paideia Design Center N/A Nashville 615-298-8423
Thurgood Marshall Middle School N/A Antioch 615-941-7515
Tom Joy Elementary N/A Nashville 615-262-6724
Tulip Grove Elementary N/A Hermitage 615-885-8944
Tusculum Elementary N/A Nashville 615-333-5179
Two Rivers Middle School N/A Nashville 615-885-8931
Una Elementary N/A Nashville 615-360-2921
Carter Lawrence Elementary Magnet N/A Nashville 615-291-7333
Warner Elementary Enhanced Option School N/A Nashville 615-291-6395
West End Middle School N/A Nashville 615-298-8425
Westmeade Elementary N/A Nashville 615-353-2066
Buena Vista Elementary Enhanced Option N/A Nashville 615-291-6762
I. T. Creswell Arts Magnet Middle School N/A Nashville 615-291-6515
Whites Creek Comp High School N/A Whites Creek 615-876-5132
Wright Middle School N/A Nashville 615-333-5189
The Academy at Hickory Hollow N/A Antioch 615-687-4028
Transitions at Bass N/A Nashville 615-259-4636
The Cohn School N/A Nashville 615-298-6617
Cane Ridge High School N/A Antioch 615-687-4000
Caldwell Elem. Enhanced Option N/A Nashville 615-291-6361
Smithson Craighead Academy N/A Nashville 615-228-9886
K I P P: Academy Nashville N/A Nashville 615-226-4484
Lead Academy N/A Nashville 615-327-5422
New Vision Academy N/A Nashville 615-473-3006
Liberty Collegiate Academy N/A Nashville 615-564-1974
STEM Prep Academy N/A Nashville 615-752-0002
Drexel Prep N/A Whites Creek 615-244-4090
Nashville Prep N/A Nashville 615-538-7284
East End Preparatory School N/A Nashville 615-630-7470
Cameron College Preparatory N/A Nashville 615-291-6365
K I P P High School N/A Nashville 615-226-4484
Knowledge Academy N/A Antioch 615-800-6814
LEAD Prep Southeast N/A Nashville 615-800-6814
Boy's Prep N/A Nashville 615-717-7643
Smithson-Craighead Middle School N/A Madison 615-228-1200
Cane Ridge Elementary School N/A Antioch 615-641-7824
Cameron Middle School N/A Nashville 615-291-6365
Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus N/A Memphis (901)416-3936
Cascade Elementary N/A Wartrace 931-389-0031
Cascade High School N/A Wartrace 931-389-9389
Eakin Elementary N/A Shelbyville 931-684-7852
Cascade Middle School N/A Wartrace 931-389-9389
Shelbyville Central High School N/A Shelbyville 931-684-5672
Harris Middle School N/A Shelbyville 931-684-5195
Community Elementary School N/A Unionville 931-685-1417
Community High School N/A Unionville 931-685-1418
Community Middle School N/A Unionville 931-685-1426
Learning Way Elementary N/A Shelbyville 931-685-1425
East Side Elementary N/A Shelbyville 931-684-7112
Liberty Elementary N/A Shelbyville 931-684-7809
South Side Elementary N/A Shelbyville 931-684-7545
Thomas Magnet N/A Shelbyville 931-684-6818
Parsons Elementary N/A Parsons 731-847-7317
Decatur County Middle School N/A Parsons 731-847-6510
Riverside High School N/A Decaturville 731-852-3941
Decaturville Elementary N/A Decaturville 731-852-4616
De Kalb County Adult High School N/A Smithville 615-497-2254
De Kalb County High School N/A Smithville 615-597-4094
DeKalb Middle School N/A Smithville 615-597-7987
Northside Elementary N/A Smithville 615-597-1575
Smithville Elementary N/A Smithville 615-597-4415
DeKalb West Elementary N/A Liberty 615-536-5332
New Directions Academy N/A Charlotte 615-740-6070
Charlotte Middle School N/A Charlotte 615-740-6060
Creek Wood High School N/A Charlotte 615-740-6000
Dickson County Adult High School N/A Dickson 615-446-2114
Dickson Middle School N/A Dickson 615-446-2273
Dickson County High School N/A Dickson 615-446-9003
The Discovery School N/A Dickson 615-441-4163
White Bluff Elementary N/A White Bluff 615-797-3971
Stuart Burns Elementary N/A Burns 615-446-2791
Charlotte Elementary N/A Charlotte 615-740-5803
Centennial Elementary N/A Dickson 615-446-0355
Northview Middle School N/A Newbern 731-627-3713
Dyer County High School N/A Newbern 731-627-2229
Finley Elementary N/A Finley 731-285-7050
Holice Powell Elementary N/A Dyersburg 731-285-1994
Newbern Grammar N/A Newbern 731-627-2139
Three Oaks Middle School N/A Dyersburg 731-285-3100
Trimble Elementary N/A Trimble 731-297-5512
Dyersburg Intermediate School N/A Dyersburg 731-286-3620
Dyersburg High School N/A Dyersburg 731-286-3630
Dyersburg Middle School N/A Dyersburg 731-286-3625
Dyersburg Primary N/A Dyersburg 731-286-3615
Central Elementary N/A Somerville 901-465-3208
East Jr. High School N/A Somerville 901-465-3151
Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School N/A Somerville 901-465-9838
Jefferson Elementary N/A Somerville 901-465-2086
La Grange Moscow Elementary N/A Moscow 901-877-6854
Northwest Elementary N/A Mason 901-594-5113
Oakland Elementary N/A Oakland 901-465-3804
Somerville Elementary N/A Somerville 901-465-2761
Southwest Elementary N/A Macon 901-465-8317
West Junior High School N/A Oakland 901-465-0798
South Fentress Elementary School N/A Grimsley 931-863-3131
Pine Haven Elementary N/A Jamestown 931-879-9525
Allardt Elementary N/A Allardt 931-879-9515
Fentress Co Adult High School N/A Jamestown 931-879-3802
South Middle School N/A Cowan 931-967-7355
Cowan Elementary N/A Cowan 931-967-7353
Decherd Elementary N/A Decherd 931-967-5483
Franklin Co High School N/A Winchester 931-967-2821
Huntland School N/A Huntland 931-469-7506
North Middle School N/A Winchester 931-967-5323
North Lake Elementary N/A Tullahoma 931-455-6239
Rock Creek Elementary N/A Estill Springs 931-649-5435
Sewanee Elementary N/A Sewanee 931-598-5951
Humboldt Middle School N/A Humboldt 731-784-9514
Humboldt High School N/A Humboldt 731-784-2781
East Elementary School N/A Humboldt 731-784-4171
Stigall Primary School N/A Humboldt 731-784-2825
Milan High School N/A Milan 731-686-0841
Milan Middle School N/A Milan 731-686-7232
Milan Elementary N/A Milan 731-686-0840
Trenton Middle School N/A Trenton 731-855-2422
Trenton Elementary N/A Trenton 731-855-0971
Peabody High School N/A Trenton 731-855-2601
Bradford Elementary N/A Bradford 731-742-2118
Bradford High School N/A Bradford 731-742-3729
Dyer Elementary N/A Dyer 731-692-2444
Gibson County High School N/A Dyer 731-692-3616
Kenton Elementary School N/A Kenton 731-749-0007
South Gibson County High School N/A Medina 731-692-3803
Medina Elementary N/A Medina 731-783-3660
Medina Middle School N/A Medina 731-783-1962
Rutherford Elementary N/A Rutherford 731-665-6180
Spring Hill Elementary N/A Trenton 731-559-4223
Yorkville Elementary N/A Yorkville 731-643-6598
Elkton Elementary N/A Elkton 931-468-2285
Giles Co High School N/A Pulaski 931-363-6532
Minor Hill School N/A Minor Hill 931-565-3117
Bridgeforth Middle School N/A Pulaski 931-363-7526
Pulaski Elementary N/A Pulaski 931-363-5233
Richland Elementary N/A Lynnville 931-527-0663
Richland School N/A Lynnville 931-527-3577
Southside Elementary N/A Pulaski 931-424-7005
Joppa Elementary N/A Rutledge 865-828-5721
Rutledge Primary N/A Rutledge 865-828-5614
Rutledge Elementary School N/A Rutledge 865-828-5530
Rutledge Middle School N/A Rutledge 865-828-3366
Grainger Academy N/A Rutledge 865-828-6330
Bean Station Elementary N/A Bean Station 865-767-2131
Grainger Co Adult High N/A Rutledge 865-828-5172
Grainger High School N/A Rutledge 865-828-5291
Big Sandy School N/A Big Sandy (731)593-3221
Briarwood School N/A Camden 731-584-4257
Camden Central High School N/A Camden 731-584-7254
Camden Jr High School N/A Camden 731-584-4518
Holladay Elementary N/A Holladay 731-584-6874
Benton Co Adult High School N/A Camden 731-584-1455
Benton County Career / Technical Center N/A Camden 731-584-4492
Camp Creek Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-798-2644
West Pines Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-234-8022
Chuckey Doak Middle School N/A Afton 423-787-2039
Chuckey Doak High School N/A Afton 423-798-2636
Debusk Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-638-7233
Doak Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-638-3197
Baileyton Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-234-6411
McDonald Elementary N/A Mohawk 423-235-5406
Nolachuckey Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-639-7731
West Greene High School N/A Mosheim 423-422-7561
Greeneville/Greene Co Center For Technology N/A Greenville 423-639-0171
Eastview Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-638-6351
Greeneville High School N/A Greeneville 423-787-8030
Greeneville Middle School N/A Greeneville 423-639-7841
Highland Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-638-3341
Tusculum View Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-639-2751
C Hal Henard Elementary N/A Greeneville 423-638-3511
Coalmont Elementary N/A Coalmont 931-592-9453
Grundy County High School N/A Coalmont 931-692-5400
Pelham Elementary N/A Pelham 931-467-3276
Swiss Memorial Elementary N/A Gruetli- Laager 931-779-3129
Tracy Elementary N/A Tracy City 931-592-9453
Fairview Marguerite N/A Morristown 423-586-4098
Hamblen County Alternative School N/A Morristown 423-585-3785
Hillcrest Elementary N/A Morristown 423-586-7472
John Hay Elementary N/A Morristown 423-586-1080
Manley Elementary N/A Morristown 423-586-7400
Lincoln Heights Elementary N/A Morristown 423-586-2062
Lincoln Heights Middle School N/A Morristown 423-581-3200
West View Middle School N/A Morristown 423-581-2407
Whitesburg Elementary N/A Whitesburg 423-235-2547
Meadowview Middle School N/A Morristown 423-581-6360
Morristown East High N/A Morristown 423-586-2543
Morristown West High N/A Morristown 423-581-1600
West Elementary N/A Morristown 423-586-1263
Alpha Elementary N/A Morristown 423-586-3332
East Ridge Middle School N/A Whitesburg 423-581-3041
Alpine Crest Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-874-1921
Hunter Middle School N/A Ooltewah 423-344-1474
Hardy Elementary School N/A Chattanooga 423-493-0300
Loftis Middle School N/A Hixson 423-843-4749
Lookout Mountain Elementary N/A Lookout Mtn 423-821-6116
Hixson Elementary N/A Hixson 423-870-0621
Hixson High School N/A Hixson 423-847-4800
Hixson Middle School N/A Hixson 423-870-0600
Apison Elementary School N/A Apison 423-236-4322
Hillcrest Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-855-2602
Howard School Of Academics Technology N/A Chattanooga 423-209-5868
North Hamilton Elementary N/A Sale Creek 423-332-8848
Wolftever Creek Elementary N/A Ooltewah 423-238-7300
Nolan Elementary N/A Signal Mountain 423-886-0898
Ooltewah Elementary N/A Ooltewah 423-238-4204
Ooltewah Middle School N/A Ooltewah 423-238-5732
Lakeside Academy N/A Chattanooga 423-855-2605
Battle Academy For Teaching Learning N/A Chattanooga 423-209-5747
Ooltewah High School N/A Ooltewah 423-238-5221
Chattanooga School For The Liberal Arts N/A Chattanooga 423-855-2614
Lookout Valley Middle / High School N/A Chattanooga 423-825-7352
Bess T Shepherd Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-855-2611
Red Bank Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-874-1917
Red Bank High School N/A Chattanooga 423-874-1900
Red Bank Middle School N/A Chattanooga 423-874-1908
Rivermont Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-870-0610
Big Ridge Elementary N/A Hixson 423-843-4793
Sale Creek Middle / High School N/A Sale Creek 423-332-8819
Orchard Knob Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-493-0385
Sequoyah High School N/A Soddy Daisy 423-843-4707
Orchard Knob Middle N/A Chattanooga 423-493-7793
Brainerd High School N/A Chattanooga 423-855-2615
Signal Mountain Middle/High School N/A Signal Mountain 423-886-0876
Snow Hill Elementary N/A Ooltewah 423-344-1456
Soddy Daisy High School N/A Soddy Daisy 423-332-8828
Soddy Daisy Middle School N/A Soddy Daisy 423-332-8800
Soddy Elementary N/A Soddy Daisy 423-332-8823
Spring Creek Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-855-6138
Tyner Academy N/A Chattanooga 423-855-2635
Tyner Middle Academy N/A Chattanooga 423-855-2648
Thrasher Elementary N/A Signal Mtn 423-886-0882
Lookout Valley Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-825-7370
Woodmore Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-493-0394
Birchwood Elementary N/A Birchwood 423-961-2444
Wallace A. Smith Elementary N/A Ooltewah 423-344-1425
Westview Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-855-6142
Hamilton County Virtual School N/A Chattanooga 423-209-8804
Hamilton County STEM Academy N/A Chattanooga 423-209-8538
Tommie F. Brown International Academy N/A Chattanooga 423-209-5760
Brown Middle School N/A Harrison 423-344-1439
Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy N/A Chattanooga 423-825-7337
Central High School N/A Harrison 423-344-1447
Normal Park Museum Magnet School N/A Chattanooga 423-209-5900
Chatt High Center For Creative Arts N/A Chattanooga 423-209-5929
Chattanooga School For Arts And Sciences CSAS Upper N/A Chattanooga 423-209-5812
Chattanooga School For The Arts And Science CSAS Lower N/A Chattanooga 423-209-5817
Clifton Hills Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-493-0357
Allen Elementary N/A Soddy Daisy 423-843-4713
Daisy Elementary N/A Soddy Daisy 423-332-8815
McConnell Elementary N/A Hixson 423-843-4704
Dalewood Middle School N/A Chattanooga 423-493-0323
Dupont Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-870-0615
East Hamilton School N/A Ooltewah 423-855-3535
East Brainerd Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-855-2600
East Lake Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-493-0366
East Lake Academy Of Fine Arts N/A Chattanooga 423-493-0334
East Ridge Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-493-9296
East Ridge High School N/A Chattanooga 423-867-6200
East Ridge Middle School N/A Chattanooga 423-867-6214
East Side Elementary N/A Chattanooga 423-493-7780
Falling Water Elementary N/A Hixson 423-843-4711
Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy N/A Chattanooga 423-702-7230
Ivy Academy Inc N/A Soddy Daisy 423-209-8538
Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence N/A Chattanooga 423-521-0402
Ganns Middle Valley Elementary N/A Hixson 423-843-4700
Chattanooga State Mid College High School N/A Chattanooga 423-697-3226
Harrison Elementary N/A Harrison 423-344-1428
Hamilton County High School N/A Ooltewah 423-344-1433
Boyd Buchanan School N/A Chattanooga (423) 622-6177
Barger Academy N/A Chattanooga 423-493-0348
Hancock County Elementary N/A Sneedville 423-733-2534
Hancock High School N/A Sneedville 423-733-1793
Bolivar Middle School N/A Bolivar 731-658-3656
Central High School N/A Bolivar 731-658-3151
Grand Junction Elementary N/A Grand Junction 731-764-2841
Hornsby Elementary N/A Hornsby 731-658-5707
Middleton Elementary N/A Middleton 731-376-0160
Middleton High School N/A Middleton 731-376-8391
Toone Elementary N/A Toone 731-658-5606
Bolivar Elementary N/A Bolivar 731-658-3981
Hardin County High School N/A Savannah 731-925-3976
Hardin County Middle School N/A Savannah 731-925-9037
East Hardin Elementary N/A Savannah 731-925-3943
Northside Elementary N/A Savannah 731-925-9343
Parris South Elementary N/A Savannah 731-925-2480
Pickwick Southside School N/A Counce 731-689-5185
West Hardin Elementary N/A Adamsville 731-632-0413
Rocky Fork Middle School N/A Smyrna (615)904-6780
Bulls Gap School N/A Bulls Gap 423-235-5201
Surgoinsville Middle School N/A Surgoinsville 423-345-2252
Volunteer High School N/A Church Hill 423-357-3641
Carter's Valley Elementary N/A Church Hill 423-357-7450
Cherokee High School N/A Rogersville 423-272-6507
Church Hill Intermediate School N/A Church Hill 423-357-0252
Church Hill Middle School N/A Church Hill 423-357-3051
Clinch School N/A Eidson 423-272-3110
Keplar Elementary N/A Rogersville 423-272-9390
Mt Carmel Elementary N/A Mt Carmel 423-357-7221
Mcpheeter's Bend Elementary N/A Church Hill 423-357-6822
Mooresburg Elementary N/A Mooresburg 423-272-9597
Hawkins Elementary N/A Rogersville 423-272-2632
Joseph Rogers Primary School N/A Rogersville 423-272-9110
Rogersville Middle School N/A Rogersville 423-272-6652
St Clair Elementary N/A Bulls Gap 423-235-2721
Surgoinsville Elementary N/A Surgoinsville 423-345-2153
Rogersville Elementary N/A Rogersville 423-272-7651
Haywood Elementary N/A Brownsville 731-772-0732
Haywood High School N/A Brownsville 731-772-1845
Haywood Middle School N/A Brownsville 731-772-3265
East Side Elementary N/A Brownsville 731-772-1233
Anderson Early Childhood N/A Brownsville 731-772-9053
Sunny Hill Elementary School N/A Brownsville 731-968-3661
Beaver Elementary N/A Wildersville 731-968-2109
Lexington High School N/A Lexington 731-968-2961
Scotts Hill Elementary N/A Scotts Hill 731-549-3411
Scotts Hill High School N/A Reagan 731-549-2900
South Haven Elementary N/A Lexington 731-968-6890
Westover Elementary N/A Huron 731-968-9846
Bargerton Elementary N/A Lexington 731-968-7484
Lexington Middle School N/A Lexington 731-968-8457
Paul G. Caywood Elementary N/A Lexington 731-968-8457
Bledsoe County Vocational Center N/A Dunlap 423-447-2914
Mary V Wheeler Elementary N/A Pikeville 423-881-3394
Pikeville Elementary N/A Pikeville 423-447-2457
Bledsoe County High School N/A Pikeville 423-447-6851
Bledsoe County Middle School N/A Pikeville 423-447-3212
Dorothy And Noble Harrelson School N/A Puryear 731-247-3152
E. W. Grove School N/A Paris 731-642-4586
Henry Elementary N/A Henry 731-243-7114
Henry Co High School N/A Paris 731-642-5232
Lakewood Elementary N/A Buchanan 731-644-1600
Lakewood Middle School N/A Buchanan 731-644-1600
W O Inman Middle School N/A Paris 731-642-8131
W G Rhea Elementary N/A Paris 731-642-0961
Paris Elementary N/A Paris 731-642-3675
East Hickman Elementary N/A Lyles 931-670-3044
East Hickman Intermediate School N/A Lyles 931-670-0227
East Hickman Middle School N/A Lyles 931-670-4237
East Hickman High School N/A Lyles 931-729-3391
Centerville Elementary N/A Centerville 931-729-2212
Centerville Intermediate School N/A Centerville 931-729-2748
Houston Co Middle School N/A Erin 931-289-5591
Houston Co Adult High School N/A Erin 931-289-5525
Houston Co High School N/A Erin 931-289-4447
Tennessee Ridge Elementary N/A Tenn Ridge 931-721-3780
Erin Elementary N/A Erin 931-289-3127
McEwen Elementary School N/A McEwen 931-582-6913
Mc Ewen Middle School N/A Mc Ewen 931-582-8417
Mc Ewen High School N/A McEwen 931-582-6913
Waverly Elementary N/A Waverly 931-296-2371
Waverly Jr High School N/A Waverly 931-296-4514
Lakeview Elementary N/A New Johnsonville 931-535-2513
Mc Ewen Elementary N/A Mc Ewen 931-582-6913
HomeLife Academy N/A Jackson 888-560-0774
Dodson Branch Elementary N/A Cookeville 931-268-0761
Gainesboro Elementary N/A Gainesboro 931-268-9775
Jackson County High School N/A Gainesboro 931-268-9771
Dandridge Elementary N/A Dandridge 865-397-3127
Jefferson County Adult High School N/A Jefferson City 865-397-9385
Jefferson Elementary N/A Jefferson City 865-475-4712
Jefferson Middle School N/A Jefferson City 865-475-6133
Maury Middle School N/A Dandridge 865-397-3424
Piedmont Elementary N/A Dandridge 865-397-2939
Talbott Elementary N/A Talbott 865-475-2988
White Pine Elementary N/A White Pine 865-674-2596
Mount Horeb Elementary School N/A Jefferson City 865-397-9472
Mill Creek Middle School N/A Nolensville (615)472-5250
Thompson's Station Middle School N/A Thompson's Station (615)472-5350
Johnson Co High School N/A Mountain City 423-727-2620
Johnson Co Middle School N/A Mountain City 423-727-2600
Laurel Elementary N/A Laurel Bloomery 423-727-2685
Mountain City Elementary N/A Mountain City 423-727-2621
Roan Creek Elementary N/A Mountain City 423-727-4964
Shady Valley Elementary N/A Shady Valley 423-739-2422
Doe Elementary N/A Mountain City 423-727-2682
Webb School Of Knoxville N/A Knoxville (865) 291-3832
Ball Camp Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-539-7888
Gibbs High School N/A Corryton 865-689-9130
North Knox Career and Technical Education Center N/A Knoxville 865-922-7576
Halls Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-922-7445
Green Magnet Math And Science Academy N/A Knoxville 865-594-1324
Halls High School N/A Knoxville 865-922-7757
Gresham Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-689-1430
Bearden Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-909-9000
Halls Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-922-7494
Holston Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-594-1300
Hardin Valley Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-470-2088
Hardin Valley Academy N/A Knoxville 865-690-9690
Inskip Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-689-1450
Bearden Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-539-7839
Karns Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-539-7767
Karns Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-539-7732
Blue Grass Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-539-7864
Karns High School N/A Knoxville 865-539-8670
Knox Adaptive Education Center N/A Knoxville 865-909-9020
Lincoln Park Technology and Trade Center N/A Knoxville 865-689-1454
Lonsdale Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-1330
Maynard Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-1333
Bearden High School N/A Knoxville 865-539-7800
Mt Olive Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-579-2170
Mooreland Heights Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-579-2105
New Hopewell Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-579-2194
Norwood Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-689-1460
Powell Elementary N/A Powell 865-938-2048
Powell Middle School N/A Powell 865-938-9008
Powell High School N/A Powell 865-938-2171
Northwest Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-594-1345
Ritta Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-689-1496
Amherst Elementary School N/A Knoxville 865-560-7001
Bonny Kate Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-579-2108
Pleasant Ridge Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-1354
Pond Gap Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-909-9040
Sunnyview Primary N/A Knoxville 865-594-1173
Ridgedale Alternative School N/A Knoxville 865-909-9099
Beaumont Elementary/Magnet N/A Knoxville 865-594-1272
Ft Sanders Education Development Center N/A Knoxville 865-594-5035
Rocky Hill Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-539-7844
Belle Morris Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-1277
Sam E. Hill Family/Community Center N/A Knoxville 865-594-3632
Brickey McCloud Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-689-1499
Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Technology Academy N/A Knoxville 865-594-1328
Sequoyah Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-1360
Byington Solway Career and Technical Education Center N/A Knoxville 865-693-3511
Shannondale Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-689-1465
South Knox Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-579-2100
Spring Hill Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-1365
Sterchi Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-689-1470
Vine Middle/Magnet N/A Knoxville 865-594-4461
Adrian Burnett Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-689-1474
Carter Elementary N/A Strawberry Plains 865-933-4172
West Haven Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-4467
West High School N/A Knoxville 865-594-4477
West Hills Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-539-7850
West Valley Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-539-5145
West View Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-4471
Whittle Springs Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-594-4474
Knox County Adult High School N/A Knoxville 865-594-3713
Dr. Paul L. Kelley Volunteer Academy N/A Knoxville 865-525-0069
L N STEM Academy N/A Knoxville 865-329-8440
Carter High School N/A Strawberry Plains 865-933-3434
Carter Middle School N/A Strawberry Plains 865-933-3426
Cedar Bluff Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-539-7721
Cedar Bluff Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-539-7891
Central High School N/A Knoxville 865-689-1400
Knox County N/A Knoxville 865-594-1907
PAIDEIA ACADEMY N/A Knoxville (865) 670-0440
Copper Ridge Elementary N/A Powell 865-938-7002
Chilhowee Intermediate N/A Knoxville 865-594-1285
Corryton Elementary N/A Corryton 865-687-4573
Dogwood Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-579-5677
Christenberry Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-594-8500
South Doyle High School N/A Knoxville 865-577-4475
A L Lotts Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-539-8611
South Doyle Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-579-2133
East Knox Elementary N/A Mascot 865-933-3493
Farragut Intermediate N/A Knoxville 865-966-6703
Farragut Middle School N/A Knoxville 865-966-9756
Fair Garden Family/Community Center N/A Knoxville 865-594-1320
Richard Yoakley School N/A Knoxville 865-594-3790
Farragut High School N/A Knoxville 865-966-9775
Farragut Primary N/A Knoxville 865-966-5848
Gap Creek Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-577-4860
Fountain City Elementary N/A Knoxville 865-689-1445
Austin East High/Magnet N/A Knoxville 865-594-3792
Fulton High School N/A Knoxville 865-594-1240
Gibbs Elementary N/A Corryton 865-689-1497
UNIVERSITY MIDDLE N/A Memphis (901)678-2285
West Collierville Middle School N/A Collierville (901)854-2345
Forest Hill Elementary School N/A Germantown (901)752-7900
Emerald Academy N/A Knoxville (865)637-3227
Nashville Classical N/A Nashville (615)538-5841
KIPP Nashville College Prep Elementary N/A Nashville (615)226-4484
Woodland Park Elementary N/A Sparta (931)738-3505
White County Middle School N/A Sparta 931-738-9238
Fred J Page Middle School N/A Franklin (615)472-4760
Southside Elementary N/A Lebanon (615)444-6330
Lara Kendall Elementary N/A Ridgely 731-264-5586
Margaret Newton Elementary N/A Tiptonville 731-253-7253
Lake Co High School N/A Tiptonville 731-253-7734
Halls High School N/A Halls 731-836-9642
Halls Junior High School N/A Halls 731-836-5579
Lauderdale Middle School N/A Ripley 731-635-1391
Ripley High School N/A Ripley 731-635-2642
Ripley Primary N/A Ripley 731-635-0691
Ripley Elementary N/A Ripley 731-221-3066
Porter Elementary School N/A Maryville 865-983-4071
Rockford Elementary N/A Rockford 865-982-1415
Townsend Elementary N/A Townsend 865-980-1202
Union Grove Elementary School N/A Friendsville 865-980-1515
Walland Elementary School N/A Walland 865-983-2801
William Blount High School N/A Maryville 865-984-5500
Prospect Elementary School N/A Seymour 865-980-1565
Carpenters Elementary School N/A Maryville 865-980-1490
Carpenters Middle School N/A Maryville 865-980-1414
Eagleton Middle School N/A Maryville 865-982-3211
Everett Learning Opportunity Center N/A Maryville 865-984-1212
Eagleton Elementary N/A Maryville 865-980-1455
Fairview Elementary N/A Maryville 865-982-0630
Friendsville Elementary N/A Friendsville 865-980-1252
Heritage High School N/A Maryville 865-984-8110
Lanier Elementary N/A Maryville 865-980-1051
Union Grove Middle School N/A Friendsville 865-980-1320
Mary Blount Elementary N/A Maryville 865-980-1430
Middlesettlements N/A Louisville 865-983-6644
Montvale Elementary N/A Maryville 865-983-2666
Porter Elementary N/A Maryville 865-983-4071
E O Coffman Middle School N/A Lawrenceburg 931-762-6395
David Crockett Elementary N/A Lawrenceburg 931-762-2288
Ingram Sowell Elementary N/A Lawrenceburg 931-762-4438
Lawrence Adult High School N/A Lawrenceburg 931-762-5251
Lawrence Co High School N/A Lawrenceburg 931-762-9412
Lawrenceburg Public N/A Lawrenceburg 931-762-3282
Leoma Elementary N/A Leoma 931-852-2542
South Lawrence Elementary N/A Loretto 931-853-4965
Loretto High School N/A Loretto 931-853-4324
New Prospect Elementary N/A Lawrenceburg 931-762-2934
Lawrenceburg Public School N/A Lawrenceburg (931)762-3282
Summertown Elementary N/A Summertown 931-964-3614
Summertown High School N/A Summertown 931-964-3539
Alcoa High School N/A Alcoa 865-982-4631
Alcoa Elementary N/A Alcoa 865-982-3120
Alcoa Middle School N/A Alcoa 865-982-5211
Lewis Co High School N/A Hohenwald 931-796-4085
Lewis County Middle School N/A Hohenwald 931-796-4586
Lewis County Elementary N/A Hohenwald 931-796-5621
John Sevier Elementary N/A Maryville 865-983-8551
Maryville High School N/A Maryville 865-982-1132
Montgomery Ridge Intermediate School N/A Maryville 865-980-0590
Maryville Junior High School N/A Maryville 865-983-2070
Sam Houston Elementary N/A Maryville 865-983-3241
Foothills Elementary N/A Maryville 865-681-0364
Coulter Grove Intermediate School N/A Maryville 865-982-6345
Blanche School N/A Taft 931-425-6141
Lincoln County Ninth Grade Academy N/A Fayetteville 931-433-6156
Stone Bridge Academy N/A Fayetteville 931-433-3939
Flintville Elementary School N/A Flintville 931-937-8271
Highland Rim Elementary N/A Fayetteville 931-433-4197
Lincoln County High School N/A Fayetteville 931-433-6505
South Lincoln Elementary N/A Fayetteville 931-937-7385
Unity School N/A Petersburg 931-732-4136
Fayetteville High School N/A Fayetteville 931-433-3158
Ralph Askins School N/A Fayetteville 931-433-5311
Fayetteville Middle School N/A Fayetteville 931-438-2533
Eaton Elementary N/A Lenoir City 865-986-2420
Ft Loudoun Middle School N/A Loudon 865-458-2026
Thompson's Station Elementary School N/A Williamson County (615)472-5330
Loudon Elementary N/A Loudon 865-458-2001
North Middle School N/A Lenoir City 865-986-9944
Philadelphia Elementary N/A Philadelphia 865-458-6801
Steekee Elementary N/A Loudon 865-458-3322
Lenoir City Middle School N/A Lenoir City 865-986-2038
Lenoir City Elementary N/A Lenoir City 865-986-2009
Lenoir City High School N/A Lenoir City 865-986-2072
Calhoun Elementary N/A Calhoun 423-336-2974
Central High School N/A Englewood 423-263-5541
E K Baker Elementary N/A Athens 423-745-2760
McMinn High School N/A Athens 423-745-4142
Rogers Creek Elementary N/A Athens 423-745-2123
City Park Elementary N/A Athens 423-745-3862
Ingleside Elementary N/A Athens 423-745-3671
North City Elementary N/A Athens 423-745-4210
Westside Elementary N/A Athens 423-745-4721
Athens City Middle School N/A Athens 423-745-1177
Etowah Elementary N/A Etowah 423-263-5483
Adamsville Junior / Senior High School N/A Adamsville 731-632-3273
Bethel Springs Elementary N/A Bethel Springs 731-934-7288
McNairy Central High School N/A Selmer 731-645-3226
Michie Elementary N/A Michie 731-632-3602
Ramer Elementary N/A Ramer 731-645-3996
Selmer Elementary N/A Selmer 731-645-3131
Selmer Middle School N/A Selmer 731-645-7977
Adamsville Elementary N/A Adamsville 731-632-0934
Fairlane Elementary N/A Lafayette 615-666-2970
Macon County High School N/A Lafayette 615-666-4320
Lafayette Elementary School N/A Lafayette 615-666-8868
Red Boiling Springs Elementary N/A Red Boiling Springs 615-699-2222
Red Boiling Springs School N/A Red Boiling Spg 615-699-3125
Westside Elementary N/A Westmoreland 615-666-3128
Central Elementary N/A Lafayette 615-666-3265
Pope Elementary N/A Jackson 731-668-0350
South Elementary N/A Pinson 731-988-5413
South Side High School N/A Jackson 731-422-9923
Thelma Barker Elementary N/A Jackson 731-668-8831
Parkview Learning Center N/A Jackson 731-661-9976
West Middle School N/A Denmark 731-988-3810
Whitehall Pre-K Center N/A Jackson 731-427-6396
Arlington Elementary School N/A Jackson 731-265-9784
East Elementary School N/A Jackson 731-988-3860
North Parkway Middle School N/A Jackson 731-427-3384
Jackson Career Technology Magnet Elementary N/A Jackson 731-427-4581
Andrew Jackson Elementary Magnet School N/A Jacksom 731-668-8023
Beech Bluff Elementary N/A Beech Bluff 731-422-1572
Denmark Elementary N/A Denmark 731-427-5986
I B Tigrett Middle School N/A Jackson 731-988-3840
Isaac Lane Technology Magnet Elementary N/A Jackson 731-423-4720
Jackson Central-Merry Acad of Medical Technology High Sch N/A Jackson 731-424-2200
Liberty Technology Magnet High School N/A Jackson 731-423-9086
Lincoln Magnet School for Mathematics and Science Elementary N/A Jackson 731-988-3800
Alexander MicroSociety Magnet Elementary School N/A Jackson 731-422-1841
Madison Academic Magnet High School N/A Jackson 731-427-3501
Malesus Elementary N/A Jackson 731-423-0634
North Side High School N/A Jackson 731-668-3171
Northeast Middle School N/A Jackson 731-422-6687
Nova Elementary N/A Jackson 731-424-1591
The Montessori Elementary School at Bemis N/A Jackson 731-422-3116
Rose Hill Middle School N/A Jackson 731-423-6170
Jasper Elementary School N/A Jasper 423-942-2110
Jasper Middle School N/A Jasper 423-942-6251
Marion Co High School N/A Jasper 865-942-5161
Monteagle Elementary N/A Monteagle 423-924-2136
Marion Prep Academy N/A Jasper 423-942-0945
South Pittsburg Elementary N/A South Pittsburg 423-837-6117
South Pittsburg High School N/A South Pittsburg 423-837-7561
Whitwell Elementary N/A Whitwell 423-658-5313
Whitwell Middle School N/A Whitwell 423-658-5635
Whitwell High School N/A Whitwell 423-658-5141
Richard Hardy Memorial School N/A South Pittsburg 423-837-7282
Cornersville Elementary N/A Cornersville 931-293-2327
Cornersville School N/A Cornersville 931-293-6505
Lewisburg Middle School N/A Lewisburg 931-359-1265
Marshall Elementary N/A Lewisburg 931-359-7149
Marshall Co High School N/A Lewisburg 931-359-1549
Oak Grove Elementary N/A Lewisburg 931-270-1855
Westhills Elementary N/A Lewisburg 931-359-3909
Chapel Hill Elementary N/A Chapel Hill 931-364-3435
Black Fox Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-478-8800
Waterville Community Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-478-8827
Bradley County Virtual School N/A Cleveland 423-473-8473
Ocoee Middle School N/A Cleveland 423-476-0630
Charleston Elementary N/A Charleston 423-336-2232
Hopewell Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-478-8802
Michigan Avenue N/A Cleveland 423-478-8807
N. Cleveland GOAL Academy N/A Cleveland 423-476-0699
North Lee Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-478-8809
Oak Grove Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-478-8812
Prospect Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-478-8814
Reach Adult High School N/A Cleveland 423-473-8473
Taylor Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-478-8817
Lake Forest Middle School N/A Cleveland 423-478-8821
Valley View Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-478-8825
Walker Valley High School N/A Cleveland 423-336-1383
J. Brown Elementary N/A Columbia 931-388-3601
Whitthorne Middle School N/A Columbia 931-388-2558
Spring Hill Middle School N/A Spring Hill 931-451-1531
Columbia Central High School N/A Columbia 931-381-2222
Culleoka Unit School N/A Culleoka 931-987-2511
E. A. Cox Middle School N/A Columbia 931-840-3902
Highland Park Elementary N/A Columbia 931-388-7325
J. R. Baker Elementary N/A Columbia 931-388-3319
Marvin Wright Elementary School N/A Spring Hill 931-486-3586
McDowell Elementary N/A Columbia 931-840-4418
J E Woody Elementary N/A Mt Pleasant 931-379-5040
Mt. Pleasant Middle Visual Perform. Arts N/A Mt. Pleasant 931-379-1100
Mt Pleasant High School N/A Mt Pleasant 931-379-5583
R Howell Elementary N/A Columbia 931-540-1032
Riverside Elementary N/A Columbia 931-840-4422
Spring Hill Elementary N/A Spring Hill 931-486-2291
Spring Hill High School N/A Columbia 931-486-2207
Cleveland Middle School N/A Cleveland 423-479-9641
Cleveland High School N/A Cleveland 423-478-1113
Donald P Yates Prim N/A Cleveland 423-479-1723
Ernest L Ross N/A Cleveland 423-479-7274
George R Stuart N/A Cleveland 423-476-8246
Mayfield Elementary N/A Cleveland 423-472-4541
Meigs North Elementary N/A Decatur 423-334-5454
Meigs County High School N/A Decatur 423-334-5797
Meigs South Elementary N/A Decatur 423-334-5444
Meigs Middle School N/A Decatur 423-334-9187
Madisonville Intermediate School N/A Madisonville 423-442-2454
Madisonville Middle School N/A Madisonville 423-442-4137
Madisonville Primary N/A Madisonville 423-442-2236
Monroe Academy N/A Madisonville 423-442-9384
Rural Vale Elementary N/A Tellico Plains 423-253-3551
Sweetwater High School N/A Sweetwater 423-337-7881
Tellico Plains Elementary N/A Tellico Plains 423-253-2626
Tellico Plains High School N/A Tellico Plains 423-253-2550
Tellico Plains Junior High School N/A Tellico Plains 423-253-2250
Vonore Elementary N/A Vonore 423-884-6485
Vonore Middle School N/A Vonore 423-884-2730
Sweetwater Elementary N/A Sweetwater 423-337-7062
Sweetwater Jr High School N/A Sweetwater 423-337-7336
Sweetwater Primary School N/A Sweetwater 423-351-7004
Brown Intermediate School N/A Sweetwater 423-337-5905
Burt Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5630
West Creek High School N/A Clarksville 931-648-5600
Rossview Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5600
Byrns L Darden Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5615
Kenwood Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-553-2059
Kenwood Middle School N/A Clarksville 931-553-2080
Kenwood High School N/A Clarksville 931-905-7900
Hazelwood Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-553-2075
Barkers Mill Elementary School N/A Clarksville 931-906-7235
Glenellen Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-920-6158
Cumberland Hghts Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5695
East Montgomery Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-358-2868
Byrns Darden Elementary N/A St Clarksville (931)648-5615
Liberty Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-905-5729
Barksdale Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5685
Minglewood Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5646
Montgomery Central Middle School N/A Cunningham 931-387-2575
Moore Magnet Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5635
Norman Smith Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5660
New Providence Middle School N/A Clarksville 931-648-5655
Northeast Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5662
Northeast Middle School N/A Clarksville 931-648-5665
Northeast High School N/A Clarksville 931-648-5640
Northwest High School N/A Clarksville 931-648-5675
Richview Middle School N/A Clarksville 931-648-5620
Ringgold Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5625
Rossview Middle School N/A Clarksville 931-920-6150
Rossview High School N/A Clarksville 931-553-2070
St Bethlehem Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5670
Sango Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-358-4093
West Creek Middle School N/A Clarksville 931-503-3288
Woodlawn Elementary N/A Woodlawn 931-648-5680
The Middle College @ Austin Peay State University N/A Clarksville 931-221-1350
West Creek Elementary School N/A Clarksville 931-648-5600
CLARKSVILLE ACADEMY N/A Clarksville 9316476311
Carmel Elementary N/A Clarksville 931-648-5600
Moore County High School N/A Lynchburg 931-759-4231
Central Elementary N/A Wartburg 423-346-6683
Central Middle School N/A Wartburg 423-346-2800
Central High School N/A Wartburg 423-346-6616
Coalfield School N/A Coalfield 865-435-7332
Morgan County Vocational Center N/A Wartburg 423-346-6285
Oakdale School N/A Oakdale 423-369-3885
Petros Joyner Elementary N/A Oliver Springs 423-324-8600
Sunbright School N/A Sunbright 423-628-2244
Hillcrest Elementary N/A Troy 731-536-4222
Lake Road Elementary N/A Union City 731-885-5304
Obion County Central High School N/A Troy 731-536-4688
Obion County Career Technology Center N/A Union City 731-885-9743
Ridgemont Elementary N/A Union City 731-536-5171
South Fulton Elementary N/A South Fulton 731-479-2304
Black Oak Elementary N/A Hornbeak 731-538-2271
Union City Elementary School N/A Union City 731-885-1632
Union City Middle School N/A Union City 731-885-2901
Union City High School N/A Union City 731-885-2373
Hilham Elementary N/A Hilham 931-823-6816
Livingston Middle School N/A Livingston 931-823-5917
Overton Adult High School N/A Livingston 931-823-7761
R.E.A.C.H. Academy N/A Livingston 931-823-9388
Allons Elementary N/A Allons 931-823-5921
Rickman Elementary N/A Rickman 931-498-2825
Wilson Elementary N/A Crawford 931-445-3335
A H Roberts Elementary N/A Livingston 931-823-5551
Linden Elementary N/A Linden 931-589-2531
Lobelville Elementary N/A Lobelville 931-593-2354
Perry County High School N/A Linden 931-589-2831
Pickett County Elementary N/A Byrdstown 931-864-3496
Pickett Co High School N/A Byrdstown 931-864-3422
Valley View Elementary N/A LaFollette 423-562-5278
White Oak Elementary N/A Duff 423-784-6051
Wynn Habersham Elementary N/A Duff 423-784-9482
Campbell Co Adult High School N/A Jacksboro 423-566-5436
Campbell County Comprehensive High School N/A Jacksboro 423-562-8308
Elk Valley Elementary N/A Pioneer 423-784-6866
Caryville Elementary N/A Caryville 423-562-2687
Jacksboro Elementary N/A Jacksboro 423-562-7433
Jacksboro Middle School N/A Jacksboro 423-562-3773
Jellico Elementary N/A Jellico 423-784-6565
Jellico High School N/A Jellico 423-783-9455
LaFollette Elementary School N/A LaFollette 423-562-3439
Lafollette Middle School N/A La Follette 423-562-8448
Copper Basin Elementary School N/A Copperhill 423-496-3271
Copper Basin High School N/A Copperhill 423-496-3291
Benton Elementary N/A Benton 423-338-4510
Chilhowee Middle School N/A Benton 423-338-3102
Polk County High School N/A Benton 423-338-4514
South Polk Elementary N/A Ild Fort 423-338-4512
Prescott South Middle School N/A Cookeville 931-528-3647
White Plains Academy N/A Algood 931-528-1847
Upperman Middle School N/A Baxter (931)858-6601
Baxter Elementary N/A Baxter 931-858-3110
Burks Elementary N/A Monterey 931-839-7641
Cane Creek Elementary N/A Cookeville 931-520-1173
Capshaw Elementary N/A Cookeville 931-526-2414
Cookeville High School N/A Cookeville 931-520-2287
Algood Elementary N/A Algood 931-615-6141
Monterey High School N/A Monterey 931-839-2970
Northeast Elementary N/A Cookeville 931-526-2978
VITAL: Upper Cumberland e-Learning Network N/A Cookeville 931-372-2368
Park View Elementary N/A Cookeville 931-526-2516
Putnam Co Adult High School N/A Cookeville 931-528-8685
Avery Trace Middle School N/A Cookeville 931-520-2200
Sycamore Elementary N/A Cookeville 931-526-9322
Algood Middle School N/A Cookeville 931-537-6141
Uffelman Elementary N/A Monterey 931-526-9777
Cornerstone Middle N/A Baxter 931-858-3112
Upperman High School N/A Baxter 931-858-3112
Prescott South Elementary N/A Cookeville 931-526-9777
Frazier Elementary N/A Dayton 423-775-7854
Graysville Elementary School N/A Dayton 423-775-7850
Rhea County High School N/A Evensville 423-775-7821
Spring City Elementary N/A Spring City 423-365-6451
Spring City Middle School N/A Spring City 423-365-9105
RHEA COUNTY ACADEMY N/A Dayton (423) 775-2826
Dayton City Elementary N/A Dayton 423-775-8414
Dyllis Elementary N/A Harriman 865-376-5592
Harriman Middle School N/A Harriman 865-882-1727
Harriman High School N/A Harriman 865-882-1821
Bowers Elementary N/A Harriman 865-882-1185
Kingston Elementary N/A Kingston 865-376-5252
Midtown Elementary N/A Harriman 865-882-1228
Midway Elementary N/A Kingston 865-376-2341
Midway Middle School N/A Ten Mile 865-717-5464
Cherokee Middle School N/A Kingston 865-376-9281
Midway High School N/A Kingston 865-376-5645
Oliver Springs Middle N/A Oliver Springs 865-435-0011
Oliver Springs High School N/A Oliver Springs 865-435-7216
Ridge View Elementary N/A Rockwood 865-354-2111
Roane County High School N/A Kingston 865-376-6534
Midtown Educational Center N/A Harriman 865-882-0242
Rockwood High School N/A Rockwood 865-354-0882
Rockwood Middle School N/A Rockwood 865-354-0931
Dyllis Springs Elementary N/A Oliver Springs 865-376-5592
Bransford Elementary N/A Springfield 615-384-4313
Cheatham Park Elementary N/A Springfield 615-384-0232
Coopertown Elementary N/A Springfield 615-384-7642
Coopertown Middle School N/A Springfield 615-382-4166
East Robertson Elementary N/A Cross Plains 615-654-3874
East Robertson High School N/A Cross Plains 615-654-2191
Greenbrier Elementary N/A Greenbrier 615-643-4529
Greenbrier Middle School N/A Greenbrier 615-643-7823
Greenbrier High School N/A Greenbrier 615-643-4526
Jo Byrns High School N/A Cedar Hill 615-696-2251
Jo Byrns Elementary School N/A Cedar Hill 615-696-0533
Robert F. Woodall Elementary N/A White House 615-672-7772
Springfield High School N/A Springfield 615-384-3516
Springfield Middle School N/A Springfield 615-384-4821
Watauga Elementary N/A Ridgetop 615-859-5252
Westside Elementary N/A Springfield 615-384-8495
White House Heritage Elementary School N/A White House 615-672-4595
White House Heritage High School N/A White House 615-672-0311
Robertson Co. Virtual School N/A Springfield 615-382-3602
Lascassas Elementary School N/A Lascassas 615-893-0758
Blackman Elementary School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-3795
Smyrna Primary N/A Smyrna 615-459-3161
Siegel Middle School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-3830
Siegel High School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-3800
Thurman Francis Arts Academy/Magnet School for the Arts N/A Smyrna 615-459-4128
Walter Hill Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-893-8046
Central Magnet School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-6789
Wilson Elementary School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-3840
Oakland Middle School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-6760
Blackman Middle School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-3880
Christiana Elementary N/A Christiana 615-896-0614
Stewartsboro Elementary N/A Smyrna 615-459-4272
Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-6765
Stewarts Creek Elementary School N/A Smyrna 615-904-6750
Stewarts Creek Middle School N/A Smyrna 615-904-6700
Christiana Middle School N/A Christiana 615-904-3885
John Colemon Elementary N/A Smyrna 615-459-2613
Daniel McKee Alternative School N/A Murfreesboro 615-890-2282
David Youree Elementary N/A Smyrna 615-459-3492
Barfield Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-3810
Eagleville School N/A Eagleville 615-274-6336
Holloway High School N/A Murfreesboro 615-890-6004
Brown's Chapel Elementary School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-6755
Blackman High School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-3850
Kittrell Elementary N/A Readyville 615-893-7604
Buchanan Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-893-3651
Rock Springs Middle School N/A Smyrna 615-904-3825
LaVergne Lake Elementary School N/A LaVergne 615-904-6730
LaVergne Middle School N/A La Vergne 615-904-3877
Lavergne High School N/A Lavergne 615-904-3870
Homer Pittard Campus School N/A Murfreesboro 615-895-1030
McFadden School Of Excellence N/A Murfreesboro 615-893-7251
Oakland High School N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-3780
Riverdale High School N/A Murfreesboro 615-890-6450
Rockvale Elementary N/A Rockvale 615-904-3881
Roy L Waldron Elementary N/A Lavergne 615-793-7738
Rockvale Middle School N/A Rockvale 615-904-6746
Cedar Grove Elementary N/A Smyrna 615-904-3777
Rutherford County Adult High School N/A Murfreesboro 615-896-0876
Smyrna Elementary N/A Smyrna 615-459-6343
Smyrna West Alternative School N/A Smyrna 615-904-3856
Smyrna Middle School N/A Smyrna 615-904-3845
Smyrna High School N/A Smyrna 615-904-3865
Bradley Academy - An Arts Integrated School N/A Murfreesboro 615-895-2672
Cason Lane Academy N/A Murfreesboro 615-898-7148
Scales Elementary School N/A Murfreesboro 615-895-5279
Erma Siegel Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-904-1002
Hobgood Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-895-2744
Mitchell-Neilson Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-890-7841
Mitchell-Neilson Primary N/A Murfreesboro 615-895-2904
Northfield Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-895-7324
John Pittard Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-893-2313
The Discovery School @ Reeves-Rogers N/A Murfreesboro 615-895-4973
Black Fox Elementary N/A Murfreesboro 615-893-6395
Ruth Bowdoin Preschool At Bellwood N/A Murfreesboro 615-893-2313
Huntsville Elementary N/A Huntsville 423-663-2520
Huntsville Middle School N/A Huntsville 423-663-2192
Robbins Elementary N/A Robbins 423-627-4354
Scott High School N/A Huntsville 423-663-2801
Burchfield Elementary N/A Oneida 423-569-4935
Winfield Elementary N/A Winfield 423-569-8288
Fairview Elementary N/A Huntsville 423-663-3700
Oneida High School N/A Oneida 423-569-8818
Oneida Elementary N/A Oneida 423-569-8340
Oneida Middle School N/A Oneida 423-569-2468
Griffith Elementary N/A Dunlap 423-949-2105
Sequatchie Co High School N/A Dunlap 423-949-2154
Sequatchie Co Middle School N/A Dunlap 423-949-4149
Boyds Creek Elementary School N/A Sevierville 865-774-8285
Catlettsburg Elementary School N/A Sevierville 865-428-2171
Catons Chapel Elementary N/A Sevierville 865-453-2132
Gatlinburg Pittman High N/A Gatlinburg 865-436-5637
Jones Cove Elementary N/A Cosby 865-453-9325
Greenbrier Alternative Learning Center N/A Sevierville 865-453-8338
Northview Elementary N/A Kodak 865-933-2415
Northview Middle School N/A Kodak 865-933-7985
New Center Elementary N/A Sevierville 865-453-2123
Parkway Academy N/A Sevierville 865-429-3908
Pi Beta Phi Elementary N/A Gatlinburg 865-436-5076
Pigeon Forge Primary N/A Sevierville 865-428-3016
Pigeon Forge Middle School N/A Pigeon Forge 865-453-2401
Pigeon Forge High School N/A Pigeon Forge 865-774-5790
Pittman Center Elementary N/A Gatlinburg 865-436-4515
Gary Hardin Academy N/A Sevierville 865-453-8338
Sevier County High School N/A Sevierville 865-453-5525
Sevierville Primary N/A Sevierville 865-453-2824
Sevierville Intermediate N/A Sevierville 865-428-8925
Sevierville Middle School N/A Sevierville 865-453-0311
Seymour Primary N/A Seymour 865-577-5970
Seymour Middle School N/A Seymour 865-579-0730
Seymour Intermediate N/A Seymour 865-609-0030
Seymour High School N/A Seymour 865-577-7040
T Lawson Early Childhood Education Center N/A Sevierville 865-428-5793
Wearwood Elementary N/A Sevierville 865-453-2252
Whites Adult High School N/A Sevierville 865-429-5243
Arlington High School N/A Arlington 901-867-1541
Barrets Elementary School N/A Arlington 901-873-8160
Farmington Elementary N/A Germantown 901-756-2320
Germantown Elementary N/A Germantown 901-756-2330
Germantown Middle School N/A Germantown 901-756-2338
Highland Oaks Elementary N/A Memphis 901-756-2343
Houston Middle School N/A Germantown 901-756-2366
Germantown High School N/A Germantown 901-756-2350
Houston High School N/A Germantown 901-756-2370
Lucy Elementary N/A Millington 901-873-8175
Lakeland Elementary School N/A Lakeland 901-867-7071
Macon-Hall Elementary N/A Cordova 901-759-4530
Millington Elementary School N/A Millington 901-873-8433
Millington High School N/A Millington 901-873-8100
Millington Middle School N/A Millington 901-873-8130
Mt Pisgah Middle School N/A Cordova 901-756-2386
Northaven Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-353-8580
Oak Elementary N/A Bartlett 901-373-2646
Rivercrest Elementary N/A Bartlett 901-373-1373
Riverdale Elementary N/A Germantown 901-756-2300
Schilling Farms Middle N/A Collierville 901-854-2345
Shadowlawn Middle School N/A Arlington 901-373-2654
Southwind Elementary N/A Memphis 901-756-2325
Southwind High School N/A Memphis 901-752-2881
Sycamore Elementary School N/A Collierville 901-854-8202
Woodstock Middle School N/A Millington 901-353-8590
Tara Oaks Elementary N/A Collierville 901-853-3337
Donelson Elementary School N/A Arlington 901-389-6973
Bartlett Elementary N/A Bartlett 901-373-2610
Highland Oaks Middle N/A Memphis 901-432-4122
Lowrance Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-759-3000
Bartlett High School N/A Bartlett 901-373-2620
Altruria Elementary N/A Bartlett 901-373-2600
Bon Lin Elementary School N/A Bartlett 901-937-2344
Bon Lin Middle School N/A Bartlett 901-347-1520
Bolton High School N/A Arlington 901-873-8150
Arlington Elementary N/A Arlington 901-867-6000
Collierville Elementary N/A Collierville 901-853-3300
Arlington Middle School N/A Arlington 901-867-1541
Collierville High School N/A Collierville 901-853-3310
Collierville Middle School N/A Collierville 901-853-3320
Crosswind Elementary N/A Collierville 901-853-3330
Dexter Elementary School N/A Cordova 901-373-3526
Dexter Middle School N/A Cordova 901-373-3134
Appling Middle School N/A Bartlett 901-373-1410
Dogwood Elementary N/A Germantown 901-756-2310
E A Harrold Elementary N/A Millington 901-873-8165
Bailey Station Elementary School N/A Collierville 901-853-6380
E. E. Jeter Elementary N/A Millington 901-873-8170
New Consortium of Law and Business N/A Bartlett 901-214-5298
Ellendale Elementary N/A Bartlett 901-373-2636
Elmore Park Middle N/A Bartlett 901-373-2642
St Francis of Assisi School N/A Cordova 901-388-7321
Airways Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-5006
Cherokee Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5028
Chickasaw Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-8134
Coleman Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4306
Colonial Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-8980
Kate Bond Elementary School N/A Bartlett 901-416-0020
Cordova Elementary N/A Cordova 901-416-1700
Cordova Middle School N/A Cordova 901-416-2189
Cordova High School N/A Cordova 901-416-4540
Corning Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3926
Coro Lake Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8140
Corry Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-7804
Craigmont High School N/A Memphis 901-416-4312
Craigmont Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-7780
Cromwell Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2500
Crump Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-1970
Cummings School N/A Memphis 901-416-7810
Cypress Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-4524
Delano Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3932
Alcy Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7800
Denver Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3936
Double Tree Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8144
Douglass Elementary/Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-5946
Douglass High School N/A Memphis 901-416-0990
Downtown Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8400
Dunbar Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5000
East High School N/A Memphis 901-416-6160
East Career Technology Center N/A Memphis 901-416-6200
Egypt Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4150
Evans Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2504
Fairley Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8080
Fairley High School N/A Memphis 901-416-8060
Alton Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7430
Fairview Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-4536
Florida-Kansas Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7874
Ford Road Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8150
Fox Meadows Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2530
Frayser Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3840
Frayser High School N/A Memphis 901-416-3880
American Way Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-1250
Gardenview Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3068
Geeter Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-8157
Georgia Ave Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5444
Avon Lenox School N/A Memphis 901-416-2124
Georgian Hills Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3750
Georgian Hills Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-3740
Germanshire Elementary School N/A Germantown 901-416-3733
Getwell Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-416-0267
Goodlett Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2510
Gordon Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3212
Graceland Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5444
Grahamwood Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5952
Grandview Heights Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-416-5444
B T Washington High School N/A Memphis 901-416-7240
Graves Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3086
Hamilton Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7826
Hamilton Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-7832
Hamilton High School N/A Memphis 901-416-7838
Hanley Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5958
Havenview Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-3092
Hawkins Mill Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3944
Hickory Ridge Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-416-1195
Hickory Ridge Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-9337
Hillcrest High School N/A Memphis 901-416-3104
Hollis F. Price Middle College High School N/A Memphis 901-435-1765
Holmes Road Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-416-6469
Humes Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-3226
Ida B Wells Academy N/A Memphis 901-416-3210
Idlewild Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4566
Jackson Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4222
John P. Freeman Optional School N/A Memphis 901-416-3156
Kansas Career And Technical Center N/A Memphis 901-416-7300
Keystone Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3924
Kingsbury Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-6020
Kingsbury Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-6040
Kingsbury High School N/A Memphis 901-416-6060
Kingsbury Vocational School N/A Memphis 901-416-6000
Kirby Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-1980
Kirby High School N/A Memphis 901-416-1960
Klondike Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4572
Knight Road Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2514
Lakeview Elemenary N/A Memphis 901-416-5444
Lanier Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-3128
Larose Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7848
Bellevue Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-4488
Lester Elementary/Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-5969
Levi Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8166
Lincoln Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7860
Berclair Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8800
Lucie E. Campbell Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-1000
Magnolia Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4578
Manassas High School N/A Memphis 901-416-3244
Manor Lake Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8170
Chimneyrock Elementary School N/A Cordova 901-416-2067
Melrose High School N/A Memphis 901-416-5974
Memphis Adult High School N/A Memphis 901-416-4091
A B Hill Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7844
Bethel Grove Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5012
Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Academy N/A Memphis 901-396-2800
Middle College High School N/A Memphis 901-333-5360
Mitchell High School N/A Memphis 901-416-8174
Newberry Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2518
Brewster Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7150
Norris Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7876
Northside High School N/A Memphis 901-416-4582
Oakhaven Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2320
Oakhaven Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-5444
Oakhaven High School N/A Memphis 901-416-2300
Brookmeade Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3920
Oakshire Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3140
Orleans Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-7880
Overton High School N/A Memphis 901-416-2021
Brownsville Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4300
Peabody Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4606
Raineshaven Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3146
Raleigh Egypt Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-4141
Raleigh- Bartlett Meadows School N/A Memphis 901-416-4336
Raleigh Egypt High School N/A Memphis 901-416-4108
Bruce Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4495
Richland Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2148
Balmoral Ridgeway Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2128
Ridgeway Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-1588
Ridgeway High School N/A Memphis 901-416-8820
Riverview Elementary N/A Memphis 901-614-7360
Riverview Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-7340
Robert R. Church Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-416-0198
Ross Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-1990
Rozelle Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4612
Scenic Hills Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4342
Sea Isle Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2104
Shady Grove Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2166
Shannon Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4616
Sharpe Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5020
Sheffield Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2360
Sheffield High School N/A Memphis 901-416-2370
Sheffield Career And Technical Center N/A Memphis 901-416-2340
Sherwood Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4864
Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3220
Sherwood Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-4870
Shrine School N/A Memphis 901-416-2400
Shelby Oaks Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4305
Snowden School N/A Memphis 901-416-4621
Oak Forest School N/A Memphis 901-416-2257
South Park Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5024
South Side Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-7420
Memphis Health Careers Academy N/A Memphis 901-416-1950
Kate Bond Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-0640
Campus School N/A Memphis 901-678-2285
Southwest Career And Technical School N/A Memphis 901-416-8186
Springdale Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4883
Spring Hill Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4346
Treadwell Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-6130
Riverwood Elementary N/A Cordova 901-416-2310
Treadwell Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-6100
Trezevant High School N/A Memphis 901-416-3760
Trezevant Career And Technical School N/A Memphis 901-416-3800
Vance Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-3256
Vollentine Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-4632
A. Maceo Walker Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-1030
Wells Station Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2172
Carnes Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3206
Westside Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3725
Westside Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-3700
Westhaven Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8202
Westwood Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8020
Westwood High School N/A Memphis 901-416-8000
White Station Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8900
WHITE STATION HIGH SCHOOL N/A Memphis 901-416-8880
White Station Middle School N/A Memphis 901-416-2184
Whitehaven Elementary STEM School N/A Memphis 901-416-3030
Whitehaven High School N/A Memphis 901-416-3000
Whites Chapel Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-8206
Whitney Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3949
Willow Oaks Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-2196
Circles Of Success Learning Academy N/A Memphis 901-322-7978
KIPP Memphis Collegiate High School N/A Memphis 901-830-0344
City University School Of Liberal Arts N/A Memphis 901-775-2219
Memphis Academy Of Science Engineering Middle/High N/A Memphis 901-448-6273
Power Center Academy High School N/A Memphis 901-333-6874
Memphis Business Academy Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-358-1651
Memphis Academy Of Health Sciences N/A Memphis 901-382-1441
Memphis Academy of Health Sciences High School N/A Memphis 901-382-1441
Memphis Business Academy Middle N/A Memphis 901-380-8176
Memphis Business Academy High School N/A Memphis 901-380-8176
Power Center Academy Middle N/A Memphis 901-333-1940
Promise Academy N/A Memphis 901-324-4456
Southern Ave Charter Sch Of Acad Excellence Creative Arts N/A Memphis 901-743-7335
Star Academy N/A Memphis 901-219-7063
Soulsville Charter School N/A Memphis 901-261-6390
Freedom Preparatory Academy N/A Memphis 901-596-4999
City University Boys Preparatory N/A Memphis 901-775-2219
KIPP Memphis Collegiate Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-4615
Memphis College Preparatory N/A Memphis 901-581-9227
Omni Prep Academy - North Point Lower School N/A Memphis 901-828-4935
Omni Prep Academy - North Pointe Middle School N/A Memphis 901-828-4935
Southern Avenue Middle N/A Memphis 901-743-7335
New Consortium of Law and Business N/A Memphis 901-416-5444
Winchester Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-3152
Memphis School of Excellence N/A Memphis 901-367-7814
Veritas College Preparatory N/A Memphis 901-322-4200
Aurora Collegiate Academy N/A Memphis 901-297-0657
KIPP Memphis Middle Academy N/A Memphis 901-292-9618
Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School N/A Memphis 901-871-7697
KIPP Memphis Collegiate Elementary N/A Memphis 901-218-5559
Winridge Elementary School N/A Memphis 901-416-6618
Wooddale High School N/A Memphis 901-416-2440
Wooddale Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-2420
MCS Prep School - Northeast N/A Memphis 901-416-2132
MCS Prep School - Northwest N/A Memphis 901-416-4400
MCS Prep School - Southeast N/A Memphis 901-416-5120
MCS Prep School - Southwest N/A Memphis 901-416-7884
Martin Luther King Transition Center N/A Memphis 901-416-7320
Memphis Virtual School N/A Memphis 901-416-4207
Grandview Heights Middle N/A Memphis 901-416-3940
Carver High School N/A Memphis 901-416-7594
Central High School N/A Memphis 901-416-4500
Charjean Elementary N/A Memphis 901-416-5016
Bornblum Jewish Community School N/A Memphis (901) 747-2665
Cannon County High School N/A Woodbury 615-563-2144
East Side Elementary N/A Woodbury 615-563-4196
Short Mountain Elementary N/A Woodbury 615-563-4418
West Side Elementary N/A Readyville 615-563-4482
Woodbury Grammar N/A Woodbury 615-563-2220
Woodland Elementary N/A Bradyville 615-765-5498
Auburn Elementary N/A Auburntown 615-464-4342
Defeated Elementary N/A Carthage 615-774-3150
Forks River Elementary N/A Elmwood 615-897-2676
Gordonsville High School N/A Gordonsville 615-683-8245
New Middleton Elementary N/A Gordonsville 615-683-8411
Smith County Adult High School N/A Carthage 615-735-8246
Smith County High School N/A Carthage 615-735-9219
Carthage Elementary N/A Carthage 615-735-0433
Smith County Middle School N/A Carthage 615-735-8277
Stewart County Middle School N/A Dover 931-232-9112
Dover Elementary N/A Dover 931-232-5442
North Stewart Elementary N/A Big Rock 931-232-5505
Stewart Co High School N/A Dover 931-232-5179
Stewart County Adult High School N/A Dover 931-232-5179
Holston Middle School N/A Blountville 423-354-1500
Holston Valley Middle School N/A Bristol 423-354-1880
Indian Springs Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-354-1685
Ketron Intermediate School N/A Kingsport 423-354-1000
Kingsley Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-354-1000
Mary Hughes School N/A Piney Flats 423-354-1835
Miller Perry Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-354-1760
Rock Springs Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-354-1380
Sullivan Gardens K-8 N/A Kingsport 423-354-1770
Sullivan Middle School N/A Kingsport 423-354-1000
Sullivan North High School N/A Kingsport 423-354-1400
Sullivan South High School N/A Kingsport 423-354-1300
Weaver Elementary N/A Bristol 423-354-1853
North Middle School N/A Kingsport 423-354-1753
Ketron Elementary School N/A Kingsport 423-354-1715
Blountville Elementary N/A Blountville 423-354-1650
Bluff City Elementary N/A Bluff City 423-354-1825
Brookside Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-354-1000
Cedar Grove Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-354-1000
Central Heights Elementary N/A Blountville 423-354-1575
Sullivan Central High School N/A Blountville 423-354-1200
Colonial Heights Middle N/A Kingsport 423-354-1360
Sullivan East High School N/A Bluff City 423-354-1900
Emmett Elementary N/A Bristol 423-354-1865
Holston Elementary N/A Blountville 423-354-1550
Fairmount Elementary N/A Bristol 423-652-9311
Haynesfield Elementary N/A Bristol 423-652-9292
Holston View Elementary N/A Bristol 423-652-9470
Vance Middle School N/A Bristol 423-652-9449
Tennessee High School N/A Bristol 423-652-9494
Anderson Elementary N/A Bristol 423-652-9444
Tennessee Online Public School N/A Bristol 423-652-9451
Avoca Elementary N/A Bristol 423-652-9445
Dobyns - Bennett High N/A Kingsport 423-378-8400
Jackson Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-378-2250
Jefferson Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-378-2270
Johnson Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-378-2300
Kennedy Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-857-2700
Lincoln Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-378-2360
John Adams Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-378-2100
Palmer Center N/A Kingsport 423-378-2130
Robinson Middle School N/A Kingsport 423-378-2200
Sevier Middle School N/A Kingsport 423-378-2350
Washington Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-378-2480
Roosevelt Elementary N/A Kingsport 423-857-2600
Cora Cox Academy N/A Kingsport 423-378-2185
Bethpage Elementary N/A Bethpage 615-841-3212
Rucker Stewart Middle N/A Gallatin 615-452-1734
Station Camp Elementary N/A Gallatin 615-230-0387
Station Camp High School N/A Gallatin 615-451-6551
Benny C. Bills Elementary School N/A Gallatin 615-451-6577
Union Elementary School N/A Gallatin 615-452-0737
V G Hawkins Middle School N/A Hendersonville 615-824-3456
Vena Stuart Elementary N/A Gallatin 615-452-1486
R T Fisher Alternative N/A Gallatin 615-451-6558
Walton Ferry Elementary N/A Hendersonville 615-824-3217
George A Whitten Elementary N/A Hendersonville 615-824-3258
Westmoreland Elementary N/A Westmoreland 615-644-2340
Westmoreland Middle School N/A Westmoreland 615-644-3003
Westmoreland High School N/A Westmoreland 615-644-2280
White House High School N/A White House 615-672-3761
White House Middle School N/A White House 615-672-4379
Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek N/A Hendersonville 615-824-8383
Portland West Middle School N/A Portland 615-325-8066
Robert E Ellis Middle N/A Hendersonville 615-264-6093
Harold B. Williams Elementary School N/A White House 615-672-6432
Portland Gateview Elementary School N/A Portland 615-323-7638
Jack Anderson Elementary N/A Hendersonville 615-264-5830
Guild Elementary N/A Gallatin 615-452-5583
Gene W. Brown Elementary N/A Hendersonville 615-824-8633
Hendersonville High School N/A Hendersonville 615-824-6162
Beech Elementary N/A Hendersonville 615-824-2700
Howard Elementary N/A Gallatin 615-452-3025
T. W. Hunter Middle School N/A Hendersonville 615-822-4720
Indian Lake Elementary N/A Hendersonville 615-824-6810
Merrol Hyde Magnet School N/A Hendersonville 615-264-6543
J W Wiseman Elementary N/A Portland 615-325-8580
Lakeside Park Elementary N/A Hendersonville 615-824-5151
Station Camp Middle School N/A Gallatin 615-206-0116
Madison Creek Elementary N/A Goodlettsville 615-859-4991
Millersville Elementary N/A Goodlettsville 615-859-1439
Nannie Berry Elementary N/A Hendersonville 615-822-3123
Beech Sr High School N/A Hendersonville 615-824-6200
Watt Hardison Elementary N/A Portland 615-325-3233
North Sumner Elementary N/A Bethpage 615-888-2281
Oakmont Elementary N/A Cottontown 615-325-5313
Portland High School N/A Portland 615-325-9201
Portland East Middle School N/A Portland 615-325-4146
E B Wilson Night School N/A Hendersonville 615-264-6085
Clyde Riggs Elementary N/A Portland 615-325-2391
Joe Shafer Middle School N/A Gallatin 615-452-9100
Brighton High School N/A Brighton 901-837-5800
Brighton Middle School N/A Brighton 901-837-5600
Crestview Middle School N/A Covington 901-475-5900
Covington Integrated Arts Academy N/A Covington 901-476-1444
Covington High School N/A Covington 901-475-5850
Crestview Elementary N/A Covington 901-475-5925
Austin Peay Elementary School N/A Covington 901-475-5121
Drummonds Elementary N/A Drummonds 901-837-5781
Atoka Elementary School N/A Atoka 901-837-5650
Munford Elementary N/A Munford 901-837-5761
Munford Middle School N/A Munford 901-837-1700
Munford High School N/A Munford 901-837-5701
Brighton Elementary N/A Brighton 901-837-5860
Trousdale Co High School N/A Hartsville 615-374-2201
Jim Satterfield Middle School N/A Hartsville 615-374-2748
Love Chapel Elementary N/A Erwin 423-743-1657
Rock Creek Elementary N/A Erwin 423-743-1648
Unicoi Co High School N/A Erwin 423-743-1632
Unicoi Co Middle School N/A Erwin 423-743-1653
H Maynard Middle School N/A Maynardville 865-992-1030
Luttrell Elementary N/A Luttrell 865-992-3441
Maynardville Elementary N/A Maynardville 865-992-8391
Sharps Chapel Elementary N/A Sharps Chapel 865-278-3294
Big Ridge Elementary N/A Maynardville 865-992-8687
Union County Alternative Center N/A Maynardville 865-992-0805
Union County High School N/A Maynardville 865-992-5232
Paulette Elementary School N/A Maynardville 865-745-0517
Tennessee Virtual Academy N/A Maynardville 865-992-9026
Elementary Middle Alternative N/A Maynardville 865-356-8326
Spencer Elementary N/A Spencer 931-946-2171
Van Buren Co High School N/A Spencer 931-946-2442
Centertown Elementary N/A McMinnville