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Mobile Apps for Current Events

Top Rated Apps for Current events:

Some of the apps are Reuters TV – Personaliz, Ticketmaster, – Breaking News, BrainPOP Featured Movie, News-O-Matic for EDU Members, Skimmin and so on. – Breaking News:
VOTED TOP 10 NEWS APP FOR IPHONE Inside is a real-time mobile news app, designed to be the most efficient way to stay informed. Each day, Inside delivers hundreds of the world’s most important and fascinating stories, all selected and written by our team of talented news curators. Our curators write concise and fact-filled “updates” to give you what you need to know while on the go.

News-O-Matic for EDU Members:
This app is dedicated to our EDU Members. World Young Reader Prize 2015 (Editorial) – World Association of Newspapers (WAN-IFRA) Teachers ‘ Choice Award 2015 The first bilingual news app for kids! An excellent way to incorporate daily current events into your classroom – Common Sense Media Best App for Teaching & Learning by AASL Common Core State Standards Aligned Here is what users say about News-O-Matic

Milwaukee Business Journal:
Milwaukee Business Journal Newsstand App With the Milwaukee Business Journal Newsstand app, getting an enhanced digital version of your paper is simpler than ever. It ‘s also smarter and more portable than ever. Each week, you’ll receive in-depth local business news straight to your Newsstand—from healthcare to banking, no industry goes uncovered. You can even track People on the Move.

World Time Buddy – Clock, Time Zone Converter & Meeting Scheduler:
World Time Buddy (WTB) is a cross between a time zone converter, a world clock, and an online meeting scheduler.Visually convert between multiple time zones, plan and schedule conference calls, international meetings or simply find good time to connect with friends and family abroad.

Welcome to the world ‘s forum for the most important news.Every day we publish a fresh digest of anything major that happened in the news. These digests generally consist of around 8-10 stories, leaving you with just the essential developments.We then allow users to upvote the best opinions about these stories in a fun and simple way.Our goal is to begin building an online democracy.

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