Curious Reader Series is the World’s First Children’s Storybook Series with Oral Reading Fluency Support!

  • An age-appropriate story
  • Drawing ,coloring and Reading comprehension activities
  • Writing tasks
  • Online access to:
  • An audio version of the story
  • Read-along activities
  • Interactive questions that allows students to record their reading
  • Vocabulary practice with FlashCube to learn pronunciation, meaning, synonyms, and much more

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reading comprehension 3rd grade online workbook

Title : The Journey of the Little Red Boat
Lexile Level: 410L-600L
Grade Level: 1-3

Grade 4 Reading Comprehension

Title : Spike.. The Amazing Chicken
Lexile Level: 410L-600L
Grade Level: 2-4

Title : Raggedy Ann Stories
Lexile Level: 800L-10000L
Grade Level: 4-6

Title : The Three Little Pigs
Lexile Level: 600L-800L
Grade Level: 2-4

Title : The three Billy Goats Gruff
Lexile Level: 400L-600L
Grade Level: 1-3

Title : The tale of Peter Rabbit
Lexile Level: 400L-600L
Grade Level: 1-3

Title : Cinderella
Lexile Level: 1010L-1210L
Grade Level: 7-8

Title : My Father’s Dragon
Lexile Level: 800L-1100L
Grade Level: 4-6

A fantastic read.I had this book as a child and I’m glad I could get it again.I will hold on to it now .I love this series.

– Carley

This book includes one creative story about “The Journey of the Little Red Boat”, a draw/color activity on every page, and a space to write notes. The story could lead to great conversations about mental health, sense of belonging, and even learning that it’s okay to ask for help. Highly recommend this activity book for young readers!

– Chloe

This is a great book with various opportunities for students to work on their comprehension, writing, and reading fluency. This book would be great to use as a social emotional learning tool while aligning with ELA standards. This is great as it help deepen their thinking while explore a variety of practices (writing, drawing to visualize, questioning). I would use this in my small groups. Great!

– Dominique Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious reader is a series of children’s storybooks which has online access to an online reading fluency improvement program.

Curious reader series storybooks contain a series of eight exciting stories.

Yes, the curious reader series books are grade specific and the grades range from Kindergarten to grade 5.

The Books have drawing, coloring, reading comprehension activities and writing tasks. It comes with an online version, where you can access a reading fluency improvement program which includes: audio version of the story read-along activity, vocabulary practice and comprehension questions from the story to check student’s understanding of the story.

Lumos FlashCube is an easy and fun way to improve students’ vocabulary. Our teachers have carefully selected word lists for each grade. FlashCube allows students to explore words and visually explore different aspects of mastering a new word. Each face of the cube provides useful information ranging from the word definition, parts of speech, pronunciation to usage.

In the free sample you get an overview of the grade specific storybook that you’ve selected. To download samples please click here:

This is a teacher modeling activity where children listen to a story or passage read by an expert teacher while paying attention to the highlighted text, thereby improving fluency and expression.

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