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Lumos Learning Supplemental Study Programs are built in alignment with the CCSS and State Standards to help students succeed on Assessment Practice. Our Program for Schools are designed by Expert Teachers. It is a proven solution that extends classroom learning and helps schools improve student achievement.

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    Lumos StepUp® Basic Teacher Account
    Online Practice Program

    • Discover thousands of standards-aligned learning resources
    • Create custom lessons and practice kits for your students
    • Assign and Assess rigorous practice resources
    • Analyze student progress and performance with detailed indepth reports
    • Develop individualized remedial paths for each student
    Includes access to online workbooks with hundreds of practice questions

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    171,000+ Students
    23,000+ Teachers
    13,000+ Schools

    Proven Supplemental Study Program

    Harrison Elementary School Improves Students Scores by 88.21%

    Harrison Elementary ELA

    School Ranking Improvement from 261 to 31

    NJ ELA

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