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Common Core Books

Common core

The Common Core State Standard is a set of high-quality academic standards in Math and English language arts(ELA).There are many books aligned to CCSS that can give access to parents, students, and teachers. Some books are The Core Six, Understanding Common Core State Standards, The Common Core Writing Book,
Mastering the Grade 5 Common Core in Mathematics, The Common Core Mathematics Standards.

Students can also find many main idea worksheets, main idea games which helps them build their reading skills.

Top Rated Books for Common core:

Common Core Language Arts 4 Today, Grade 3

This is a perfect supplement to any classroom language arts curriculum. The book covers 40 weeks of daily practice. It includes 4 comprehension writing exercises a day for four days a week. A separate assessment is included with every exercise.

Common Core Connections Math, Grade 2

A perfect solution to connect the Common Core Standards to comprehension and learning! Common Core Connections series for Math and Language Arts, for kindergarten to grade 5, helps every learner make the connection to success! Provides teachers with the diagnostic tests to help determine individualized instruction needs.

The Common Core Writing Book, K-5

As she did for reading in the bestselling “Common Core Lesson Book, ” Owocki empowers teachers with information and proven practices. She breaks the writing anchor standards into manageable chunks, emphasizing differentiation, engagement, and writing for authentic purposes.

The Common Core Mathematics Standards

This professional development resource includes techniques and reproducible tools to help principals and math leaders drive the change process for implementing the CCSS in math.

Making the Common Core Standards Work

Essential reading for school leaders! Providing a blueprint for implementing and exceeding the new Common Core State Standards, this practical guide focuses on realistic strategies for lasting change within schools. The authors build an inspiring case for how individual schools can develop a world-class education system through targeted professional development.

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