Why Parents Trust Summer Learning HeadStart Workbooks to Beat Summer Slide

There have been many transitions since the pandemic hit. Now, even more, with kids being home during summer. Students who were once learning at school are now learning from home. Parents juggle not only being caregivers, employers but now even more by being personal teachers for their kids. As the weather starts to rise, students start to loosen up and get ready for the summer. Research has proven that during summer, students lose 4-6 weeks of academic skills due to summer learning loss. Teachers spend the first month of every school year reteaching skills that students learned the year before. Now there is a new term called the COVID Slide, where students can lose up to 6 months of learning.

Why Parents Trust Summer Learning HeadStart Workbooks to Beat Summer Slide

Lumos Learning decided to solve this prevalent problem by designing the Summer Learning HeadStart program. It was formulated by expert teachers for student success by designing a workbook with English, math, vocabulary, and fun activities to ensure student success for the upcoming school year. Many parents have purchased our Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook as an extra resource to help their kids sharpen the skills they have learned at school. Others purchased the workbook when they did not know their school’s district plans on distant learning and used it as a substitute for their students’ school learning.

To understand how parents and students are using our Summer Learning Workbooks during this time, we decided to interview parents and hear their experience while using our book.


Ranya Croitori

Purchased the 2020 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (3rd-4th)

When Ranya first purchased the book, her daughter was not kicking and screaming. Instead, it was a very smooth transition onto the workbook. She was pretty impressed by the Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook, especially after using other workbooks in the past like Summer Bridge Activities. Compared to other workbooks, she believes Lumos is geared towards independent learners. She expressed her thoughts on Lumos’ level is “vigorous and harger,” for her own child and other students at the same grade level. The “workbook has a smaller font and has longer reading passages compared to other brands.” Ranya would only recommend the workbook to ⅓ of her students in school. The other ⅔ of her students, she would recommend a less challenging book. The workbook can be improved by adding constructive response writing (question and answer), which will enhance students’ thinking.

“I absolutely love the Lumos Learning COVID-19 book. My soon to be 4th grader is almost complete with the book. My daughter started working on the book about eight weeks ago. I loved that she was able to complete the book independently. As a teacher, I really appreciate the well throughout lessons that the book and website offer. I truly believe that this book is a great test prep to prepare our children for the standardized tests that students are expected to take every year. Overall, this was a great tool to use during this unforeseen pandemic. I hope you will try using this book to prepare your child for the next grade level.”

– Ranya Croitori


Cami Takkunen

Purchased the 2019 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (4th-5th and 6th-7th)

When Cami Takkunenen, a mother of 3, did not receive plans from her district about online learning, she decided to go on Amazon to find workbooks for her kids. That’s when she came across Lumos Learning. Using the book 20-30 minutes every day, she enjoyed watching her kids’ progress and their learning process. With a step by a step answer key, she was also able to guide her kids through questions they struggled on. Her kids’ favorite part was the fun activities at the end of each week, brightening her kids’ week. Cami enjoyed that the workbook left space for the family to still be able to spend quality time together while still refreshing their academic skills.

Overall, she had a great experience using the summer workbook. She states, “I plan to continue to buy more summer workbooks from you guys in the future! All expectations were met!”.

“I purchased Lumos Learning workbooks for my children when our schools closed in March. I feel the books are an appropriate challenge for my children to keep their minds engaged. Each daily work takes around 20 minutes to complete, so it’s a good amount of time for them to stay interested. My kids don’t always know the answers, so we appreciate the easy to understand answer key. There are some fun summer activities at the back of the book, and my kids are learning about sign language with that!”

summer learning student


Princess Allen

Purchased the 2020 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (5th-6th,7th-8th,8th-9th)

summer learning student

Princess is a full-time mother and student. She found out about Lumos Learning when a friend sent her a list of recommended books. She searched us on Amazon and ended up purchasing three of our workbooks. Her sixth-grade son exceeds academically at a magnet school. However, because of the pandemic, her son’s school closed two months earlier than scheduled. He “lost all extra learning for those two months,” Princess states. The Summer Learning HeadStart workbook was a great assignment for him to do over the summer to keep his academic skills fresh and ready for the next school year. She loves that many of the skills and activities in the workbook are similar to the work he was learning in school. The sign language portion stuck out to her since she believes that knowing how to sign is a basic skill that can be used for the rest of his life. Overall, Princess’s expectations were met and she planned to continue to use the summer workbooks.

“We have been using the book now for a few weeks. I am really proud of this purchase. The weekly online assignment is similar to what my child does in school on google classroom. He also works in the book daily. I love how it section off in weeks & days for the assignments. We work on assignments every day. I am very please with this purpose & I have recommended it to several of my other friends. Thank you!”


Erin Connolly

Purchased the 2019 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (8th-9th)

summer learning student

Erin, an Agile Scrum Master from Virginia, manages IT projects that modify payroll and personnel for the US Navy. She came across the summer workbook when she was to find a book to help her son academically when learning transitioned from school to online. Her expectations were exceeded since she bought a higher level book for her son. She felt it was a kick start to a conversation for something new to learn. The book was in a good price range, especially since many kids do not want to do schoolwork during the summer. Most of the material in the book was relevant to her son’s academic curriculum. She suggested transitions in the workbook, making it easier for students to follow the lesson. Instead of going straight to questions every day, the workbook should provide a quick lesson, giving students an introduction to the assignment for the day.

She had a good experience with the workbook. The book was in a good price range, especially since many kids do not want to do schoolwork during the summer.

“My son used the Lumos Learning Summer learning workbook to prepare him for the next grade level. He found the daily assignments challenging, which gave us time to walk through the different scenarios together, whereas he may not have received that same attention at school. Therefore, I am glad he will be ahead of the lessons once he starts back at school. I look forward to ordering the updated version of the book.”


Ashley Herrington

summer learning student

“We love the Lumos Learning book because it’s easy to follow, and has been a great supplement while Liani has been out of school. I can check her progress and see what she needs help with.”


Alexandria Rodgers

Purchased the 2020 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (5th-6th)

Alex heard about us in the educational field and decided to give Lumos at try after reading all the Amazon reviews. While using the workbook, she liked that ”it was short with daily lessons and not 5 page lessons”, making it not extensive. It only took 15 minutes for her child to finish the daily task assigned, leaving room for her child to do other activities during the summer. Her daughter’s favorite part of the book is the journal where she can reflect on her day and express her thoughts. When asked if her expectations were met, she stated, “It gives my child just enough learning to keep the regression from happening and also keeps us entertained with the end of the week activities”. Her daughter was excited to see the fun activity on sign language since Alexandria works for a deaf school. Alexandria also likes the fact that she could input online goals, IEP, recommendations, and accommodations on the online parent portal.



Jared Maucher

Purchased the 2019 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (2nd-3rd,6th-7th,7th-8th)

“These books are great for bridging the gap between the grades. By continuing to do things over the summer helps my children when they start back in fall. The lessons don’t take much time to do, and if the kids focus, they can be done in 5-30 min for the day’s material (depending on if it’s reading or not). The online portion is also helpful in getting the kids used to navigating websites and answering questions online. There are a couple of typographical and content errors I’ve noticed, but to be fair, that’s with pretty much every book, and parents should be engaged anyway to go over the material with their children. I also would like to see the answer sheets be the tear out kind, so we can remove them easier.”


Rosalee Dougal

Purchased the 2020 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (6th-7th)

“The workbook is easy to follow. My son likes that it is laid out by weeks and days. I wish there were a few more problems to work on each day. I also feel the workbook is a little bland – it needs some color! But overall, I am pleased with the workbook and the practice it is going, my son.”


Sara Glenn

Purchased the 2020 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (3rd-4th)

Sara Glenn is from Indiana. She first heard about Lumos through her daughter’s school friend. The book has been effective for Sara because the workbook includes concepts from the school year, allowing her child to continue to work on the skills during the summer. “It focuses on vocabulary, reading comprehension, which is very in line with what she has been learning in class,” stated Sara. Her daughter’s favorite part is the journal. It “allows for creativity – she can write whatever she wants. She doesn’t normally journal on her own, so it’s something different. It gives an opportunity for her to talk about her day,” Sara stated. With the workbook, she felt that her daughter was able to look at how much progress she has made, giving her more control of her work and learning how to self manage. Sara has had a great experience with the workbook, stating, “please with it, I would do it moving forward and would try again in the next year 4th-5th and continue to use book based on her academic status”.

“Our experience with the Lumos Learning Summer Bridge series has been very positive. The format and flow of the book allow our students to work independently and balance their time both within the workbook and online. We chose the grades one above our High Ability student’s current grades, and it has been a perfect fit to review and challenge her. The changing formats of the daily work create some variety compared to other books we’ve used in the past that have been much more monotonous. We will continue to choose this book for our summer bridgework.”


summer learning student


Jennifer Busick

Purchased the 2020 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (8th-9th)

“I wanted my son, who just finished the 8th grade, to practice his math and language arts skills over the summer to help him be prepared for high school in the fall. So, I purchased the Lumos Learning Summer Learning Headstart workbook. It has math and language arts practice and a lot more! It even has an online component where he can practice vocabulary and additional language arts skills. The workbook has the answers in the back, along with explanations as to why they are the correct answers. That is very helpful for kids who struggle with reading comprehension. I am so glad I found this workbook for my son!”


Ady Aradrimath

Purchased the 2019 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (4th-5th)

“Lumos Learning’s Summer Headstart workbook (4 to 5) has proved to be a great resource to help my daughter to refresh her 4th-grade concepts. It acted as a bridge course laying a strong foundation as she enters into 5th grade coming fall. The book has been well organized, covering various exercises across reading, writing, math, and some fun activities in between the lessons. I would certainly recommend this resource for anyone wishing to keep their kids with some school work in the summer. I have also tried Lumos’ other resources, such as state test prep books. They are really good as they are designed per the core standards of the state.”


Cynthia Keogh

Purchased the 2020 Lumos Summer HeadStart Workbook (5th-6th and 4th-5th )

Cynthia Keogh has been using other review books for the past three years, like Sylvan, Scholastics, and Barrons. She decided to try the Lumos Learning Summer Workbook when she felt the other books were not what she was looking for. The Lumos workbook “has been the least painful workbook my child has worked, maybe even the most successful review book” because her child doesn’t complain, throw fits, or self defeats himself. The workbook has helped build her son’s confidence as a whole, which “is huge and worth every penny.” She believes that the book has a good formula; “nailing the amount of work, the presentation, and choice of passages that have been struggling in the school system.”



Chloe Tam

Chloe Tam is part of the Marketing Team at Lumos Learning. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) with a concentration in Business Management from Long Island University (LIU). You can find Chloe on LinkedIn