Harrison Elementary NJ improves Grade 3 Math scores by 10.06%

The 2015-16 standardized tests have been finally completed, following which we are looking back at some interesting facts from the second successful year of PARCC completion in New Jersey. The comparison will be made between the 2015 and the 2016 scores of PARCC.

According to nj.com –

  • Student scores have improved on every exam in the second year of PARCC testing in New Jersey with an exception of Grade 11 English.
  • Seventh Grade English has the best performance with 54% of students scoring enough to meeting the expectations for college and career readiness.
  • Algebra II test has the lowest score with only 25 percent students earning enough scores to meet the expectations.

  • However, majority of the students still failed to make the grade on each of the high school exams in Math and English. In 2015-16 Harrison Elementary School, New Jersey is one of a few schools that have shown a noticeable increase in its Grade 3 Math Scores. Harrison Elementary has been using Lumos Learning Resources


    We conducted a study to understand the impact of Lumos Learning programs on student achievement. To establish a benchmark, we identified two schools that performed on par with Harrison Elementary School in the 2015-16 PARCC . Their state-wide rankings were obtained from schooldigger.com for two academic years (2014-15 and 2015-16). The following infographic, summarizes the results of this study. ccs-nj By comparing the scores for Grade 3 Math, it is noted that Harrison Elementary has improved its scores by 10.06% as compared to its previous performance in the PARCC 2014-15 assessments.




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    Steven Jarvis