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When students return to school after summer, it is expected that they have summer slides, and the learning gaps will become a problem for students and teachers. So, it is important to start the new academic year with back-to-school lesson plans. Here are some of the back-to-school lesson plan ideas to try this year.

back to school lesson plans

Playful Learning Activities

Children always want to play and learn. We can let the children learn in schools with some good games that they are interested in. Below are some of the games we can conduct in the classroom.

  • Color My Feelings Art: It is a great social-emotional learning activity that helps kids to understand different feelings. Try
  • This or That?: This or that is a simple talking game where players choose which of two items they prefer. Try
  • Newspaper Game: A simple, fun game for a group of participants to see their teamwork and planning skills in action. Try
  • Name Game: One person starts by using an adjective starting..

Art Activities

Creative art-making activities are perfect back to school activities for any graders.

Try some of the art-making activities for your students

Group Games

Try these games if you’re looking for some activities to get your kids excited about the school year or are a teacher prepping for the first week of school. Try Group games

Math Games

If you’re looking for some math activities to get your kids excited about trying these games

Mental maths Free Back to School Maths Quizzes (for Years 3, 4, 5, 6,)

Brain Teasers

Having a brain teasers session is one of the fun ways to provoke discussion and creative thinking in children. Get them excited about some brain teasers for kids.

Puzzle Games

back to school activities
Let children be more imaginative and focused with the fit-in puzzles. Let’s provide a variety of puzzles and see how they are doing and help them finish it. Back-to-School

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