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COVID-19 School Closures: Engage Your Child with At-Home learning

  • Math, Reading & Writing Practice
  • Study Plan Personalized for Your Child
  • Scoring & Feedback for Student Responses
  • Safe & Continued Learning
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Perfect Online Study Program To Keep Your Child Learning from Home During School Closure
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Why I Chose Lumos StepUp

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  • Adaptability and Freedom Lumos program provides your child with the freedom to choose what resources they want to study during distance learning.
  • Ensure Skills Mastery Standards-aligned Workbooks with hundreds of questions that cover all grade-level standards in both Math and English Language Arts.
  • Visibility to Student Progress Parents can access their child's work and view real-time reports to tailor the learning program further.
  • Personalized Learning Experience With the ability to learn at their own speed, student learning modules are customized to their unique needs.
  • AI-Powered Lumos Assistant Artificial intelligence (AI) powered Lumos Assistant provides simple guided practice to help your child learn independently..
  • Includes both Asynchronous and Synchronous Tools StepUp program includes a number of innovations such as Guided Practice, engaging videos, SmartBoard, interactive quizzes and video conferencing to support both synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • Fun & Comprehensive Learning Content StepUp's thousands of practice questions correspond to a precise set of learning standards.
  • 24/7/365 Access and Support Access StepUp through your PC, tablet or smartphone – any time of the day or night!

What Parents Say About Lumos StepUp program

  • We got this for my 3rd grade child and it helped us determine her proficiency level. The best part is you get access to their full length CAT tests and PT which helps to practice for the real SBAC exams and it tells you where you need improvement and retake relevant modules. Overall a great resource.

    -Judy Heidelberg

  • Worked great with distance learning

    -Jamie B, Educator Grade 5

GREAT RESOURCE!! It allows students to work on standards aligned material AND have an online component that they can use at home. Students need as much practice as possible, and this resource gives them practice with multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, and two-part questions!!

-Katrina Strich

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