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  • What is the rule for dividing rational numbers?

    Divide rational numbers. 1) if the numbers have the equal signs and symptoms then the quotient is positive. 2) if the numbers have special symptoms then the quotient is bad. while dividing two bad numbers, the quotient is superb.

  • What is division rational number?

    Division of rational numbers. to analyze division of rational numbers let us don't forget the way to divide a fraction by using another fraction. ... divisor: the variety which divides the dividend is referred to as the divisor. quotient: whilst dividend is split by way of the divisor, the end result of the department is referred to as the quotient.

  • What happens when you multiply 2 rational numbers?

    "the product of two rational numbers is rational." So, multiplying two rationals is the same as multiplying two such fractions, as a way to result in every other fraction of this identical form when you consider that integers are closed underneath multiplication. for this reason, multiplying two rational numbers produces some other rational variety.

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  • Rational numbers multiplication and division

  • How do you multiply and divide rational numbers step by step?

    To divide rational numbers, you switch the department trouble right into a multiplicationproblem with the aid of flipping the second rational range. then you definately cross in advance and multiplythe tops and bottoms collectively to get your answer. if you could simplify your problem earlier than multiplication, you could go beforehand and achieve this to make your problem easier.

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