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Targeted Intervention and Remediation

Increase in Students Scores by 88.21%

School Ranking Improvement from 261 to 31

Comprehensive Academic Support for Students at all Proficiency Levels

  • Assess with realistic PARCC practice tests
  • Diagnose student difficulties
  • Progress Report
  • Intervene & Assign engaging learning resources
  • Measure Student Progress

Tools to Identify and Target Learning Difficulties


Design topic-based diagnostic tests to evaluate students’ performance levels


Assign targeted homework/assignments to help students practice and perfect concepts


Monitor student performance and track improvements with detailed reports

Learning Standards

Hundreds of standards-aligned questions bank for skills practice

Videos, Apps, & Workbooks

Additional ancillary learning resources on each standard and topic

Practice Recommendations

Learning resource recommendtions at the end of each practice session

Tech-Readiness Tool For Classrooms

  • Multiple Choice Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Select
  • Multiple Choice Multi Part
  • Numeric Response
  • Short Constructed Responses
  • Extended Constructed Response
  • Hot Text
  • Hot Text – Drag
  • Drag and Drop – Single Answer
  • Drag and Drop – Sequencing
  • Drag and Drop – Multiple Answers
  • Drop Down
  • Table Fill
  • Grid

What Educators Say

Reports That Identify Student Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Diagnostic Report
  • Activity Report
  • Progress Report
  • Performance Summary
  • Topic Proficiency Report
  • Subject Proficiency Report
  • Difficult Questions Report

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