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Lumos StepUp&reg Great Resources for You and Your Students!

Lumos StepUp is a revolutionary tool that supplements your classroom training. It is a unique eLearning program that empowers educators to diagnose student difficulties, create and assign resources to transform classrooms. It helps you extend your classroom training and improve student achievement on the new standardized assessments.

Two full-length practice tests that mirror assessment. Available for both math and ELA. Includes StepUp autoremedial. Provides personalized remedial assessments based on student performance. Saves you tons of time.

The Lumos StepUp® program helps students get realistic test practice. It gives students the opportunity to practice and familiarize with the format of the new age test and efficiently review the key topics.

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Select
  • Short-Constructed Response
  • Extended contructed resirce
  • Numeric Resoponse
  • Drag and Drop
  • Grid
  • Matching Tables
  • Selective Highlighting- Inline
  • Sequencing

The Lumos StepUp® program provides access to thousands of practice questions spanning a comprehensive set of learning standards.

Mathematics Includes:

  • Five Domains
  • Hundreds of Activities
  • 30 plus skills
  • Includes access to Online Workbooks

ELA Includes:

  • Three strands
  • Hundreds of Activities
  • 40 plus skills
  • Includes access to Online Workbooks

Your student’s work is carefully and meticulously tracked throughout the program. Easy-to-use, advanced and real-time reports will help you identify weak areas and tailor personalized learning plans for each student.

  • Create classroom
  • Assign practice to students
  • Monitor student performance reports
  • Recommend learning resources like books, apps, and videos to complement assignments
  • Develop remedial programs to improve student acheivement

The StepUp® program allows your students to prepare at a pace that is right for them. This student-centric approach, combined with instant feedback boosts student confidence and improves learning outcomes.

  • Access to practice tests and workbooks
  • Recommendations engine to help prepare before test
  • Score reports with detailed answers

Through your teacher portal, you can discover educational mobile apps, games, books and videos that are reviewed by teachers. If you find a resource that is useful to help your child master a skill or topic, you can easily assign them to your students. Apps that have a listing or a badge from the Lumos App Store are carefully reviewed by expert teachers. These teachers not only rate the apps based on quality, but also assign the appropriate subject, grade, Common Core State Standards and assessment.

Developed by Expert Teachers, Trusted By Thousands of Parents and Educators


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StepUp® in Action!

TECR Question Type: Hot-Text (Selective Highlighting)

TECR Question Type: Select and Drag

TECR Question Type: Table Matching

TECR Question Type: Table Matching

Teacher Portal: Student Progress Summary

Teacher Portal: Advanced Insights

Teacher Portal: Common Core State Standards

Teacher Portal: Stickies

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Try Lumos StepUp® with confidence. We offer a no-risk, 100% unconditional, First 7-day money back guarantee.

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Lumos StepUp for Assessment Practice

Try Lumos StepUp® with confidence. We offer a no-risk, 100% unconditional, First 7-day money back guarantee.

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    • Tech-enhanced Item Types
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    • Available for Grade 3 – 8 in Math & ELA