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Realistic Test Practice - Boost Student Success

Lumos tedBook connects books eLearning that provides flexible learning solution to teachers

Lumos tedBook™

Printed Assessment Practice Resource


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A unique product that gives educators and students access to a combination of printed and online study parcc resources.

Lumos StepUp is an online learning platform that assists teachers in providing realistic PARCC assessment practice

Lumos StepUp™

Online PARCC Practice Program

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An interactive eLearning program that provides robust PARCC Realistic Test Practice and anywhere access to rigorous learning content.

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What Educators Say

“I am very pleased with Lumos Programs. It is one of the most comprehensive study programs that I have seen. Overall, it’s a great resource.”

Mrs.Biondi, Teacher

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  • Asbury Park schools
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  • Cincinnati Public Schools
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  • Belmont Runyon School
  • Blairstown Elementary School
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Lumos StepUp™ – Online PARCC Assessment Practice Program

  • TWO Summative Assessments
  • Includes TEN PARCC Question Types
  • Adheres to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Teacher Portal: Review online work of your students
  • Student Portal: Personalized self-paced learning and Real-time progress reports
  • Includes access to online workbooks with hundreds of practice questions
Lumos StepUp for Schools

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The Lumos StepUp™ parcc resources helps reinforce the classroom learning experience for children in grades 3-8 through the innovative use of technology and individualized instruction. It helps identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. Students can get immediate feedback after their practice sessions. Parents and teachers can collaboratively review students’ work to gain insights into their progress and to help them improve in their challenging areas. The process creates a collaborative learning platform for students, parents and teachers that is available all through the year.

* We offer special discounts for Multiple Grade and Year subscriptions.

Lumos tedBook™: Printed Resource for PARCC Assessment Practice

Lumos tedBook™ School Edition: Math for PARCC 
  • TWO Summative Assessments
  • Practice Tests similar to the PARCC test format
  • Adheres to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Answer keys correlated to the standards
  • Includes FREE access to online workbooks with hundreds of practice questions
  • Available for Grade 3 – 8

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Basic Mathematics and Algebra

This workshop is a collection of interactive, math video lessons delivered in the e-learning format. Explore these Instructional Math Videos in our store.

It includes:

  • About 736 minutes of video instruction!
  • 10 key learning modules covering all the major types of questions (see the table of contents)
  • Printable notes
  • Practice questions
  • Recommended for children in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.
Basic Mathematics & Algebra Videos
Basic Mathematics 1 – Numbers – Classification and Sets
Basic Mathematics 2 – Numbers – Equalities and Inequalities
Basic Mathematics 3 – Numbers – Operations on Numbers
Basic Mathematics 4 – Numbers – Properties of Numbers
Basic Mathematics 5 – Numbers – Factors, Multiples and Divisibility
Basic Mathematics 6 – Fractions
Basic Mathematics 7 – Units of Measurement
Algebra – Introduction
Algebra – Formulas from Geometry
Algebra – Solving Linear Equations

Key Benefits

  • Accelerates CCSS adoption through high-quality content and software
  • Help improve student achievement on the PARCC Test
  • Flexible eLearning platform for teachers to create lessons, assessments and monitor student’s online work
  • Extends students learning experience beyond school hours
  • Individualized instruction using 21st Century tools
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