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Bulletins and Announcements

Lumos Learning EdSearch (™) now allows teachers and students create personalized resource kits

Piscataway, New Jersey, February 18, 2016 Lumos Learning released an upgrade to EdSearch to help educators and students save resources that match learning objectives into convenient resource kits. With this new functionality, teachers can create resource kits that help students … Continue reading

Teaching Shakespeare in the 21st-Century

With tablets provided for each student in Albert Cavalluzzo’s 10th-grade class, students go through the opening act of “Macbeth, by swiping digital pages on their screens. The famous William Shakespeare play was first published on paper nearly 500 years ago. … Continue reading

Teacher’s experiences on US Election 2016

Take a moment to read some experiences shared by three teachers before and after the recent elections. After the results had been released, a National Association of School Psychologists’ document that provides guidance for making the school environment safe and … Continue reading

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Under Trump

The election of Donald Trump to the White House could be a significant diversion in the implementation of the nearly year-old Every Student Succeeds Act. ESSA, that was passed in December. It won’t be fully in place until the 2017-18 … Continue reading

Disciplinary Literacy (Common Core Application)

In Denver high schools, students are being asked to learn new scientific vocabulary and concepts and additionally offered Spanish/English cognates, root words, and a system for translating new words and worksheets on scientific content. This is one case of how … Continue reading

How shared leadership leads to transformation in schools

Awesome results in student achievement occur when the significant challenges students face are met with an even greater level of teacher talent and dedication. When talented individuals work together, the results are extraordinary. An essential ingredient behind development in schools … Continue reading

Principal New Year Resolutions

Principals can do the following in the next school year if not already being done.  MOTIVATING TEACHERS AND IMPROVING MORALE   Principals can start by getting all teachers to work towards common goals. The common purpose set in a school … Continue reading

Role of Principals in supporting Quality Education

Principals assume a vital part in the delivery of quality education. Their obligations incorporate guaranteeing educational strategies are set up that support viable learning for all students. They serve as a facilitator, guide, and supporter of quality instructional practices. Great … Continue reading

5 Awesome Gifts you can get for teachers

Teachers are known to be caring and very friendly people so whatever gift you give to them will be well appreciated. But as we all know, a few presents are superior to others. There are many blog posts about gift … Continue reading

Lumos School Up; The best parent-teacher app

With a smartphone glued to 90 percent of the parent populace’s hands, how could it be that a few schools still rely on upon old strategies, for example, sending notes home, bulletins, and messages to communicate with parents? A recent … Continue reading

Impact of Common Core Standards on academic improvement

More thorough principles in math and English language arts have added to enhanced academic accomplishment for students in many states. A late examination took a gander at enhancements in test scores from the 2014-15 school year to the 2015-16 school … Continue reading

New School Year Resolutions

Just as with the resolutions we make every new year, our new school year resolutions should focus on areas needing improvement. Although schools and principals may not have the same ideas as to what they would expect in a new … Continue reading

3 steps to incorporate Education Apps in the classroom

With more students owning mobile devices, and with recent statistics reporting that a high percentage of elementary students and middle school students want to use mobile devices more in the classroom, now might be the best time to add education … Continue reading

Characteristics of Effective School Leaders

Researchers have distinguished that the nature of initiative or leadership can be identified as one of the key variables driving the change or turnaround in most schools. These set of characteristics are commonly shared by a lot of successful school … Continue reading

What discourages teachers?

Why should an educator be resting in the staffroom when he/she can utilize the extra time in checking exams? Again, why must a teacher go to bed early when they can make prepare for another lesson. This wrong conviction slaughters … Continue reading

Teacher stress-relief tips

A teacher who gets stressed usually does not have the luxury of time to check into a spa for six weeks but can benefit from this collection of stress-busting success plans from some experienced teachers who survived some stress moments. … Continue reading

Interactive Teaching Ideas

While lecturing has the tendency to be the most comfortable form of teaching, studies show that students soak up the least amount of knowledge that way. Interactive teaching methods are an effective way to connect. Here are some five opinions … Continue reading

Better ways of teaching Math

A much better understanding of how children learn math and also better ways of teaching math have been developed over the past few decades. Some teaching practices that work to support student learning include; posing challenging tasks that connect to … Continue reading

Special Education Teachers

It rather gets complicated by the day to find quality special education teachers, which is why almost all states have been reporting shortages recently. A teacher shared that she chose special education for what felt like the right reason to … Continue reading

Enhancing Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-teacher communication during the entire school year is a necessary step in ensuring student success. Getting parents involved with school can be done in several ways, one being giving them the opportunity to volunteer in some school organizations. Again, to … Continue reading

How Educational Trips Boost Students’ Lifelong Success

Educational trips have always contributed to better student outcomes in school and beyond. Students of today are visual learners. Therefore, a field trip is a very exciting activity that allows them to experience in reality what they’re learning about in … Continue reading

Planning successful educational field trips in schools

The world is your classroom! Learning can and ought to happen at any time and place. Field trips have been a part of training for a significant number of years. In any case, great learning encounters outside the classroom are … Continue reading

Teachers, Parents and Students helping to reduce Bullying in Schools

Does a child get into a lot of fights or have friends that are involved in bullying? Is the child increasingly aggressive or sent to the principal’s office frequently? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then they … Continue reading

Steps in becoming an Online Elementary School Teacher

Online training programs for imminent teachers can be found at numerous open and private organizations and in different arrangements. Both undergrad and graduate degree projects are accessible online in basic instructor training. Individuals desiring to become a teacher must have … Continue reading

Grade Based Guide for Building Visual Arts Lessons

This guide for building successful visual arts lessons is based on the Getty Museum Education division’s educational program. They support classroom experiences that encourage students in all grades to: Make craftsmanship and reflect upon what they have done. Look for … Continue reading

Strategies that have positive effects on student learning

What works in education? How can we identify these? And how can they be applied to help individual students? Summarizing and Notetaking:  These are skills that can contribute to making classroom learning efficient. Students should learn to delete unnecessary information … Continue reading

Why PARCC & Smarter Balanced Assessments are good

Some test results released recently exposed a terrible reality that went unspoken for quite some time. According to some data gathered by experts, only a small percentage of students in grades 3 through 8 met or exceeded proficiency benchmarks in … Continue reading

How in-service training helps improve teaching practice

Teacher in-service training is built into the academic calendars multiple times throughout the year. Such programs are used to provide differentiated professional development workshops for educators. These trainings, particularly for teachers, are essential to improve the quality of teaching. Any … Continue reading

Benefits of technology for K12 Teachers & Students

Many educators know that technology has a positive impact on the education process. They also recognize the need to develop these technological skills in students to help them prepare for a successful career once they complete school. When technology is … Continue reading

Resources that Meet the Needs of Today’s Educators

The Association of American Publishers PreK-12 Learning Group has continually campaigned for quality content in teaching and learning. In the past years, they have invited some school educators on several platforms to share their viewpoints on what they expect from … Continue reading

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