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Lumos StepUp® - A Yearlong Learning Resource

Lumos StepUp® is a unique e-Learning program developed by expert teachers to help students get better grades in school and improve achievement on the tests. It is available for children in grades 3-8.

The Lumos StepUp® program helps students get realistic practice through 2 . It gives students the opportunity to practice test-taking skills, familiarise with the format of the test and efficienty review the key topics. The results will help you get insigts into your child's strengths and weaknesses in various content areas. These insights could be used to help your child strengthen their skills in topics where they are having difficulty. This test practice helps them improve speed and accuracy while taking the actual test.

Is your child having a hard time with homework? StepUp Coach is here to help you with just that. Take a picture of the homework, send it to us and one of our expert teachers will help you with it.

The Lumos StepUp® program gives your child access to thousands of practice questions spanning a comprehensive set of learning standards. Mathematics Includes:

  • Five Domains
  • Hundreds of Activities
  • 30 plus skills
  • Includes access to Online Workbooks

ELA Includes:

  • Three strands
  • Hundreds of Activities
  • 40 plus skills
  • Includes access to Online Workbooks

Your child’s work is carefully and meticulously tracked throughout the program. Easy-to-use, advanced and real-time reports will help you identify weak areas and tailor personalized learning plans for your child.

The StepUp® program allows your child to prepare at a pace that is right for him or her. This student-centric approach, combined with instant feedback boosts student confidence and improves learning outcomes.

  • StepUp® program can be accessed through a number of devices that include, PC, tablet and smartphones and it is available 24x7. This convenience of enabling your child use StepUp® from any device at anytime promotes anywhere learning
  • Common Core assessments from will be taken online and include "technology-enhanced items" and as a result, we have strived to make the StepUp® program replicate the test by supporting question types.

Through your parent portal, you can discover educational mobile apps, games, books and videos that are reviewed by teachers. If you find a resource that is useful to help your child master a skill or topic, you can easily assign them to your child. Apps that have a listing or a badge from the Lumos App Store are carefully reviewed by expert teachers. These teachers not only rate the apps based on quality, but also assign the appropriate subject, grade, Common Core State Standards and assessment.

Developed by Expert Teachers, Trusted By Thousands of Parents and Educators


Expert Teachers

StepUp® in Action!

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TECR Question Type: Table Matching

TECR Question Type: Table Matching

Parent Portal: Student Progress Summary

Parent Portal: Advanced Insights

Parent Portal: Common Core State Standards

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What educators say

Flexible Subscription options. Choose one that suits you.

Try Lumos StepUp® with confidence. We offer a no-risk, 100% unconditional, First 7-day money back guarantee.

Complimentary Access to Master Study Skills Workshop - Value $80!

This workshop is aimed at helping students understand how to take their current study habits and turn them into successful study skills.

In this webinar, students will

  • Learn the most effective note taking strategies,
  • Discover positive test preparation habits,
  • Identify the best methods to boost memory skills
  • Enhance active listening.

FREE Access to Math Video Program - Value $95!

This program is a collection of interactive, math video lessons delivered in the e-learning format. It includes:

  • About 736 minutes of video instruction!
  • 10 key learning modules (see the table of contents).
  • Printable notes.
  • Practice questions.

The online course combines personalized e-learning with engaging (and entertaining!) lectures by Mr. Luis Anthony Ast. This helps students master the key concepts in basic mathematics and algebra. Colorful and engaging materials and activities along with video instruction appeal to young learners. Convenient and available year-round, at any time of day

FREE Access to WRITE BETTER Workshop - Value $95!

This workshop is aimed at helping students improve their Writing Skills. It includes CCSS references, sample answers and answer keys in addition to the workbook content.

  • The first objective of this workshop is to give student authors practice in writing techniques that meet the standards for writing and language included in the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI).
  • The second objective is to provide tools in the form of techniques that middle school student authors in grades 6 through 8 can use to improve the content of their narrative, persuasive, expository and descriptive writing.
  • The third objective of this program is to create a platform for students to easily publish their writing online and get feedback from peers and educators.

Writing is a skill that requires practice and mentoring. Children can become good writers through guided practice and constructive feedback.

Complimentary Access to Summer Learning Program!

Schools’s out for summer, but that doesn’t mean your kid's brain has to totally shut down. Lumos Learning’s Director of Curriculum and educator, Marisa Adams and teachers as will explore fun ways to keep your child's brain on and always learning!

In each session, we will explore different activities, games, apps, and other ways to stay engaged and beat the summer brain drain!

  • Beating the Brain Drain through Literacy
  • Beating the Brain Drain through Computing
  • Warm-Up to a Great School Year

Product: StepUp® Coach Yearly Subscription

Homework Help Requests per month: 10

Price: $311 $195 / year (Save 35%)

Try Lumos StepUp® with confidence. We offer a no-risk, 100% unconditional, First 7-day money back guarantee.

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