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We choose Lumos because of the content for PARCC. It is the closest thing to real life PARCC questions which in turn makes the students better prepared. Our teachers believe in the Lumos product and we are very satisfied as a school.

Thanks Lumos!

Kristoffer Brogna
Principal at Woodmere School, NJ

You are fantastic! Thank you for such great customer service! we’re ready for the ACT Aspire! You’ve been a spectacular help.

Stephanie Hardy
Teacher at St. Thomas Of Villanova

I have to say I am “wowed” by your customer service! 🙂

These are such amazing preparation books and online practice questions. Even though my son is in the gifted program (class’s syllabus is one grade higher) but the practice books and online questions really help him to prepare and get familiar with the different sections of PARCC. It also helps us determine his weakest areas (he thought he has none), which is wonderful!!!

We started purchasing and using the Lumos books last year for his first PARCC test. We did not pay attention nor noticed there were more online practices until this year!

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“This workbook is a great addition to the Lumos Learning family! I like how they have the separate workbook for each set of skills.It is a great idea to buy a book for specific skill as it has standardized testing giving more specific feedback to teachers and parents alike.It is filled with challenging problems ranging from simple computation to word problems requiring multi-steps.”
Darlene Keller,
“This book has passages and questions for both Literature and informational text standards. Each question has the standard number beside it for easy to use planning and assessment. It also has a detailed answer key with explanation of correct and incorrect answers-. Excellent for Test Prep. One drawback is several lengthy passages with only 2 or 3 questions. But overall this product can be very useful.”
S. Evetts
“This company has the best most up to date practice for your students. You won’t be disappointed!!”

Lumos Expressions & Equations and Geometry Skill Builder, Grade 6

“The sixth-grade expressions & equations and geometry workbook provides great additional practice problems for my students. It combines both basic and challenging problems that will be useful for students of differing ability levels. I can’t wait to begin using it with my students and checking out the online component!”
Rebecca Lee,
“A very useful study guide. It’s test were a great help with studying. I suggest people to take a good look into it when they need the resource. It’ll provide much needed aid.”
Benjamin Hebert
“I bought this practice book to work with my daughter for upcoming testing. I am a teacher that has been giving state test assessments for over 10 years. I like this book because it mirrors the format of standardized tests that I have seen given. This practice is giving my daughter the confidence she will need to do well on this assessments. She will be familiar with format and have extra practice necessary to be successful. I recommend this book for any 3rd graders!”
“The practice book is exactly what I need to help my students prepare for the PARCC! Most of the questions are written/ stated exactly like the test. I also appreciate the explanations for the answers. I have never taught math before so this is exactly what I need!!!”
Lone Stover
“I thoroughly enjoyed this carefully constructed piece of mathematical work. The content is clear, helpful, and will be useful for not just my generation but for future ones to come. Highly recommended.”
Jordan Thomas
The practice test workbook is useful. Since the PARCC was a brand new test for everyone, no one knew what to expect. It’s good to have the practice tests so my mind has an idea what this test’s about. The online practice tests are fun. My son liked the questions and did it well. He took the PARCC about 3 weeks ago. The tests took part in two days. Each lasted 75 minutes. My son said the first-day test was long and difficult to him. He finished the test about 90%. The second day was easier and within his level. He finished the test without difficulty. His teacher claimed that it was pretty much the same feeling from his classmates. My son said the questions in the tests were similar to the workbook’s, but some questions were longer and more difficult than the workbooks.
A Parent

Common Core Assessments and Online Workbooks: Grade 4 Language Arts and Literacy, PARCC Edition

“This is a great tool to use for preparing for the PARCC it’s the closest resource I was able to find.”

Common Core Assessments and Online Workbooks: Grade 3 Language Arts and Literacy, PARCC Edition

“Great resource to prepare for the FSA! The best part is that it has an online component. The question stems are a good way to have students be exposed to what they may see on the actual test. Great practice.”
I ordered this book for my daughter who seems to forget everything she learned in math within 1 week of vacation. It’s amazing she remembers basic arithmetic. Her summer assignment was to order a math book to review what was covered throughout the school year. The book that was suggested was $23.00 which was completely ridiculous. I found this for $8.00 we have covered 1/2 of the book. I personally loved the answers at the end of each chapter. I don’t have to sit and figure the problems out myself.
This book is very informative. It effectively teaches the reader the skills and knowledge the reader needs to know to prepare for PARCC tests. The content of the book is very professionally written, and the style of writing is very friendly to any reader wishing to improve their English skills. The book contains many pieces of writing/ collection of paragraphs which are designed specifically to test the reader’s comprehension in the English language. Not only do these exercises improve skills, but the writings are fun and enjoyable to read, sometimes written as fiction and sometimes as nonfiction. The questions to be answered are made to test the reader’s understanding of the piece of writing. Besides offering the skills needed to do better at PARCC and Smarter Balanced Tests, it also gives the tools. The tools given with the book are highly useful, and I recommend this book to anyone who wants to do very well in the PARCC Test.
Saleh Mohammad Radaideh
This a great book to supplement the Common Core text books. It has great online resources as well as content in the book.
A Parent
Not a lot of parcc material out there – this was what I was looking for.
My daughter enjoys working in her Lumos book, and also using the online practice test as an added bonus.
Love it!!!! I really feel like it helped prepare my kids for PARCC!

Common Core Assessments and Online Workbooks: Grade 4 Language Arts and Literacy, PARCC Edition

“This is an awesome has helped my kid to comprehend so well. I definitely recommend it to every parent.”
This is a great resource for parents to use with their child over the summer months. As a teacher, I see how much time classrooms must spend to review material that has been ‘lost’ over the summer vacation. This resource will offer your child a quick comprehensive review on standards he or she will be expected to have mastered in 4th grade. It also includes an answer key that gives a detailed explanation to help guide parents if their child finds a problem challenging.
This series of workbooks offers valuable practice to kids to help avoid the loss of skills over the summer vacation. Helpful suggestions of extra activities for parents, students, and teachers are offered and the separate skill practice sections contain a daily breakdown that are not too overwhelming to the learner. The answer section contains very detailed explanations for each answer. The layout of this workbook is appealing and doesn’t appear as drab work for the child. I liked answering the questions myself!
School Teacher
Common Core Assessments and Online Workbooks: Grade 4 Mathematics, PARCC Edition

“Really a nice to have one for the PARCC test preparation. It has a right mix of math questions to expose the kids with variety of concepts at one place. My son really liked it and we too.”

Pankaj Kumar
Summer Learning Headstart is an excellent tool for parents, students, and teachers to help beat the “summer slide”. Evidence shows that students lose 4-6 weeks of learning over the summer. By using the workbooks in this series, students will be able to overcome this obstacle and be fresh and ready for the new school year. The workbooks includes separate sections for parents, students, and teachers with detailed ideas of how to use the contents. There is daily practice for reading, language, or math with an answer key and detailed explanation, all aligned to the Common Core Standards.The Reading workbook provides information for parents to assist students with the all-important skills of citing evidence from the text, summarizing, and making inferences. Aside from the written practice, there are also many creative ideas for ways to keep kids challenged and focused on learning throughout the summer months such as trips to museums, zoos, or nature walks. The workbooks also provide the information for accessing Lumos Online. As a teacher, I strongly recommend this series.
So glad I found the Lumos SBAC test prep for 6th grade LA because it lead me to this one for math. Was not disappointed. I compared the sample question format to the ones my son came home from school with and I am confident that this guide is on the right track.I feel confident using and recommending this book and wish I had discovered it when he was a fourth grader.
I work as an academic coach and use this book to prepare students for standardized assessments. I love the language and structure (aligned to the PARRC) so when done in small or whole group, provided a realistic picture of what students will see on the real PARCC. I also love the option to display text from a computer, this is great for online assessment practice.
An Academic Coach
This book is a great resource with a lot of supplemental support. With the purchase of the book, you receive an online workbook, mobile apps for your students, link to descriptive sample problems, instructional video, and a Common Core Standards Cross-reference Table. The only suggested revisions would be: 1) list the standards on the pages of each concept along with the sample problem or sample problem link. Despite the above-suggested​ revisions, I plan on purchasing other workbooks by Lumos Learning. Note that this company’s online resources are just as great.
An attractive quality of this book is that the teacher can use it a variety of ways: homework piece, pre/post assessment piece, independent practice during station time!!! I love that this text offers access to online workbooks, videos, and apps as well! What a fantastic bonus! The answer key provides valuable detailed explanations for students to understand reason for a correct answer. As a teacher, I would recommend this text.
Cara Maloney
This is surely nevertheless one the best resources compared to any other materials in the market. You get all kind of resources at one single book tp help students with either formative or summative assessment. It has summed up all kinds of tests style, more than 30 different skills, that are being available anywhere. All of these tests have a coverage from PT and CAT pattern. Best to grab one and go thoroughly through it.
Pawash Priyank
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