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SkillBuilder tedBook

“This workbook is a great addition to the Lumos Learning family! I like how they have the separate workbook for each set of skills.It is a great idea to buy a book for specific skill as it has standardized testing giving more specific feedback to teachers and parents alike.It is filled with challenging problems ranging from simple computation to word problems requiring multi-steps.”

Darlene Keller
“The sixth-grade expressions & equations and geometry workbook provides great additional practice problems for my students. It combines both basic and challenging problems that will be useful for students of differing ability levels. I can’t wait to begin using it with my students and checking out the online component!”
Rebecca Lee

“I bought this practice book to work with my daughter for upcoming testing. I am a teacher that has been giving state test assessments for over 10 years. I like this book because it mirrors the format of standardized tests that I have seen given. This practice is giving my daughter the confidence she will need to do well on this assessments. She will be familiar with format and have extra practice necessary to be successful. I recommend this book for any 3rd graders!”


“The practice book is exactly what I need to help my students prepare for the PARCC! Most of the questions are written/ stated exactly like the test. I also appreciate the explanations for the answers. I have never taught math before so this is exactly what I need!!!”

Lone Stover

“My daughter loves the tests in Common Core Assessment Workbooks. She found the material a level higher than her practice tests from Spring Board text book. The test material challenged her ability to apply the concepts and tested her problem solving skills.Also the Lumos material is great way to prep your kids for SAT or ACT. In order to make best use of the practice tests please have kids complete the Common core practice workbooks before attempting any of the assessment tests. I highly recommend Lumos Common core assessment workbook to parents who want their kids to excel in math and achieve higher grades in class or state assessment exams.”


“I am 4th grader and I love Lumos Learning. It gives the exact idea of PARCC. The best part is we can practice endless. Both Mathematics and English questions are really brainstorming to me. Lumous Learning helps me understand the concept better. I want to recommend all my friends to use this to prepare for their exams.”

Nehal Bajaj
4th Grade student

“This is a great tool to use for preparing for the PARCC it’s the closest resource I was able to find.”


“Great resource to prepare for the FSA! The best part is that it has an online component. The question stems are a good way to have students be exposed to what they may see on the actual test. Great practice.”


“This is an awesome has helped my kid to comprehend so well. I definitely recommend it to every parent.”


“Really a nice to have one for the PARCC test preparation. It has a right mix of math questions to expose the kids with variety of concepts at one place. My son really liked it and we too.”

Pankaj Kumar

“My son is in the second grade and can see how these books would be helpful in preparing for PARCC. Great tool for schools!”

C.M Krishack

“Excellent tool for students, parents, and educators. Well organized and easy to follow. Would recommend for any student who needs help in a specific subject or who just wants to advance their knowledge.”

D.B Evans

“I have really enjoyed the online resources that the book provides. I also like the passages that are used and the questions mirror the parcc.”

Gilbert J Lopez

“I love using Lumos Learning online workbooks. It is a good tool to use for practice as well as assessments. My students can easily assess the online workbook and they enjoy the challenge it provides.”

Countney Rogers

“It is a very helpful book. It covers all the topic and is my go to book for the Grade 4 PARCC exam this year. I would highly recommend this book to everyone.”


“My recent experience with Lumos Learning was exceptional! I first reached out to inquire about online PARCC-like problems and received an email response and follow up phone call in minutes. I spoke with one of their representatives, a former principal, Bonnie McRae about Common Core and PARCC alignment and received samples and demos for teachers the same day. Most importantly, Lumos Learning was able to work with us to meet our tight budget. It was refreshing to deal with a company that was incredibly efficient, competent, and willing to work with us to meet our bottom line. Thank you!”

Kevin Moore
Principal at Chester M. Stephens Elementary School (NJ)

“Grade 4 Reading Comprehension SkillBuilder tedBook from Lumos Learning gives students practice on both Reading Literature standards and Reading Informational Text standards. It contains short, interesting passages from many subjects appropriate for this age student. The answer section supplies both the letter answer to the multiple choice questions and a detailed explanation for each answer.Topics of the passages are varied, including poetry, history, science, health, fiction, and everyday life situations. The present edition has several errors which should be corrected at final publication after proof-reading and editing.Overall the book has good and useful content and provides important practice on the skills 4th-grade students need to learn when preparing for standardized testing. The entire book consists of short passages with multiple choice questions and answers.”

Richard Meyer

“An attractive quality of this book is that the teacher can use it a variety of ways: homework piece, pre/post assessment piece, independent practice during station time!!! I love that this text offers access to online workbooks, videos, and apps as well! What a fantastic bonus! The answer key provides valuable detailed explanations for students to understand reason for a correct answer. As a teacher, I would recommend this text.”

Cara maloney

“This book is a great resource with a lot of supplemental support. With the purchase of the book, you receive an online workbook, mobile apps for your students, link to descriptive sample problems, instructional video, and a Common Core Standards Cross-reference Table. The only suggested revisions would be: 1) list the standards on the pages of each concept along with the sample problem or sample problem link. Despite the above-suggested​ revisions, I plan on purchasing other workbooks by Lumos Learning. Note that this company’s online resources are just as great.”


“This company has the best most up to date practice for your students. You won’t be disappointed!!”


“The Lumos Learning workbook is something that I have been looking for to use to help prepare my students for the PARCC test. The workbook aligns to the standards in an easy to follow format! I plan on using this in my classroom for review and test prep.”


“This will be a great added resource for my 3rd-grade classroom. The questions and the explanations are clear for a typical 3rd-grade student. The questions will be a great review at the end of the units to help the teacher know if the students have any weakness which need extra review. I look forward to using this book, as well as other Lumos Learning resources this year!”

Debbi Len

“This is not a textbook. It is a workbook that gives practice problems along with the explanation on how you get to the answer. The questions in this book will help you to assess where students are on different skills and standards. This book also offers a common core standards cross reference table.”


“I am the instructional coach for a small, rural school district in southeast Missouri. I am always looking for test prep and instructional support that meet the needs of teachers and students. I discovered Lumos Learning while looking for standards-based, research-driven test prep.

My initial reaction to the materials described on the site was that they seemed to address the needs and concerns of the teachers in my district. The materials looked to be exactly the thing we needed, but facing severe budgets cuts, there was little hope we could have the program beyond the free trial. I explained our situation to Mr. Jeremy Brunton of Lumos Learning, I was able to tell him how much the teachers were impressed with the material. They came up with a proposal that not only met our needs but was affordable in spite of our dire financial situation.

The readiness of Lumos Learning to work with us for the good of our students is something we had not found in their competitors. There are many good products on the market, but in my opinion, Lumos Learning offers one of the best. More importantly, the company’s willingness to work within the confines of a district’s needs and resources offers the greatest benefit for students. As educators, that is what we want from our vendors, to know that we all have a stake in the success of our students, I would encourage any school or district to explore Lumos Learning as a way to enhance student learning and performance.”

Kathleen Hampton
Instructional Coach/Coordinator
K-12 New Madrid County R-1 School District (MO)

“I like this book. It contains resources for each of the Common Core ELA Standards. It also provides detailed explanations for correct answers. Vocabulary is great. It exposes students to more advanced vocabulary words.”

V. Davis

“This book has passages and questions for both Literature and informational text standards. Each question has the standard number beside it for easy to use planning and assessment. It also has a detailed answer key with explanation of correct and incorrect answers-. Excellent for Test Prep. One drawback is several lengthy passages with only 2 or 3 questions. But overall this product can be very useful.”

S. Evetts

“This is the most closely related work or examples that I have found besides the PARCC assessment on our Department of Education website. I use these for small group and guided reading. Multiple examples for modeling and practice.”

Cassie Hudson, Educator

“Common Core Practice – Grade 5 Math: This book is very useful for my daughter , packed with lot of questions. Very happy to have selected these books from all the ones available.”

Eneyan Shanmugham, Parent

“Grade 7 Math book provides parents with sample math questions that can help students become familiar with the format of standardized testing. Also, it can be used to reinforce skills and concepts that are taught in class.”

LeQuita Jones, Educator

“Thank you and I’m a new fan. I am a parent and I enjoy learning new things for myself, kids and for my relatives as well.”

Robyn Donnelly, Parent
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